Battle Creek Area Math and Science Center

Battle Creek, Michigan // 64,000 sq. ft.

Client Challenge

The Battle Creek Area Math and Science Center (BCAMSC) is unlike other Math and Science institution – it serves dual functions: high school STEM education; and the design, manufacturing, and distribution of science curriculum materials. By their successes, the Center outgrew its aging facility.

TowerPinkster Solution

Spearheaded by the economic development organization Battle Creek Unlimited, the Kellogg Company donated the former Cereal City USA Museum for the new BCAMSC. TowerPinkster was engaged to redevelop the former museum into a new, cutting-edge facility. Six existing agricultural roof forms were replaced by cantilevered second and third floors over the entry plaza. Glass curtainwall was used on the second floor, creating a greenhouse to showcase the Center’s commitment to research-based learning. Classrooms surround open collaboration spaces, including a physics perch drop on the third floor. The building’s interior design concept was inspired by biological science and features several installations to enhance spaces. Sustainability monitors are tied to building systems, molecular models are suspended from the ceiling, and interactive technology exhibits, such as the students’ solar car project, flood open spaces, reflecting the Center’s mantra of “Innovation Through Inspiration”

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