Bière de Mac Brew Works

Bière de Mac Brew Works New Microbrewery Design and New Production Facility

Mackinaw City, Michigan // Microbrewery Concept: 5,000 SF Production Facility: 3, 628 sq. ft.

Bière de Mac Brew Works wished to create the first microbrewery within the greater Straits of Mackinac. Owners identified a restaurant/motel and want to re-purpose the building into a modern establishment offering a small brewery experience.

TowerPinkster designed two options for the first floor which has several steps, ramps, and grade changes. The first option reduces the number of levels, easing navigation and creating a spacious, open environment. The second option utilizes the existing floor plan, incorporating the level changes into the design. Both scenarios feature a large taproom servicing up to 220 guests, new restrooms, and storage space. The seven-barrel brewery production area is perched behind a large transparent glass wall which sets the backdrop for the new bar.

Following this design concept, Bière de Mac Brew Works turned to the TowerPinkster team again to develop a new 4,000-square-foot pre-engineered production facility. The building features just over 2,700 square feet of brewery and cooler areas, in addition to a retail space and small tap area. The building was designed with future expansion in mind.