East Washington Middle & High School

One of the fastest-growing districts in southern Indiana, East Washington has K-12 facilities on a single campus.

The high school needed facilities for the expansion of vocational-tech-programs, performing arts, and athletics. The performing arts and athletic facilities also needed to be shared with the middle school and the community. These were positioned between high school and middle school.

A separate entry for these shared facilities was created to allow a use not only for the high school and middle school during the normal school day but also for the community after hours.
The middle school addition had three primary objectives. The first was to provide separate cafeteria and media center facilities to eliminate sharing with high school students. The second was to create a new defined entry and administration area. The third objective was to expand the classroom facilities to allow the fifth grade to be moved from a crowded elementary.

The middle school expansion separates fifth-and-sixth grade areas from the seventh and eighth grades. This helps alleviate parents’ concerns about potential social problems among the different age groups.

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