Calhoun County

County Building Expansion and Renovation

Petoskey, Michigan // 40,800 sq. ft.

Client Challenge and TowerPinkster Solution

TowerPinkster conducted an assessment of all Emmet County agencies housed in the existing County Building and developed a comprehensive space needs analysis through the year 2020. Several items were identified including improving space utilization to allow for anticipated growth, improving public access/wayfinding to departments and agencies, upgrading security for the complex, including the courts and jail, and a 100-bed expansion plan to the jail.

The TowerPinkster team worked with the County to develop a design what moved all District Court operations to a new facility addition, freeing space for growth. A single point of entry was created for public access to the courts and county agencies which improved the public screening and security process.

A 40-bed addition to the jail was also designed with intake areas to better serve Sheriff Department needs. Secure horizontal and vertical circulation links between the District and Circuit Courts allow secure movement of inmates from the jail to courtrooms, separate from staff and the public.

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