Gull Lake Country Club

Clubhouse Expansion + Renovation Concepts

Richland, Michigan // Addition 1,800 sq. ft. // 3,300 SF Renovation sq. ft.

The Long Range Planning Committee at the Gull Lake Country Club (GLCC) underwent a visioning process for renovations to their main clubhouse. The committee’s primary goal was to develop a creative, cost-effective design solution that enhances programs and amenities and attracts new members to the Club.

The committee identified several program elements:
• Expansion/renovation of the Quarterdeck, including a new kitchen
• New/expanded multi-purpose space
• Improved circulation between levels
• Renovated locker rooms, and plans for a future outdoor pool
• An expanded outdoor patio and Lakeside Bar

A family-focused design solution was created showcasing expanded space, improved function and the creation of a warm, welcoming environment. The design includes a one-story addition for the new Quarterdeck and Kitchen to provide a new dining environment at the Lake Level. The Upper Level would become an outdoor dining patio connected to the existing Dining room. The site plan includes an expanded outdoor Patio for summer dining and walk-up orders. The existing Quarterdeck / Kitchen / Staff Restroom area is converted into a multi-purpose recreation space. Other elements include locker room renovations and elevator upgrades to improve circulation between levels.