Kelloggsville Public Schools

Kelloggsville Central Elementary

Grand Rapids, Michigan // 62,000 sq. ft.

TowerPinkster worked with Kelloggsville Public Schools to renovate the existing outdated 1960s elementary building to help benefit students, staff, and visitors. The newly renovated Kelloggsville Central Elementary school now contains numerous features that combine functionality and beauty to create practical educational experiences for kids.

The first floor includes 19 general education classrooms, three special education classrooms, a stand-alone cafeteria, a gym, and a large media center. The second floor offers separate art and music rooms, a science lab, two multi-purpose rooms, and two small-group instruction spaces.

TowerPinkster’s strategic building design has inspired students to look upward toward brighter features and has allowed kids to focus on harmony, commitment, movement, and evolution.

Half Width 1 45
Half Width 3 63
Full Width 1 20
Half Width 4 55
Half Width 6 33
Full Width 2 30
Half Width 5 40
Half Width 7 20