Kent Intermediate School District

Innovation High School

Grand Rapids, Michigan // 13,945 sq. ft.

Client Challenge

Kent ISD’s Innovation High School is home to 400 students from more than 20 school districts throughout West Michigan. The initial phase of the project was a remodel of existing space to accommodate 200 students, with the understanding that an addition would be required to handle the future students. Also, the project is housed in a large, career tech center and does not have an identifiable program image or a secure entrance.

TowerPinkster Solution

Innovation High School is part of The New Tech Network of schools. This non-profit organization works with the local school to provide innovative learning environments. The project-based approach engages students with dynamic, rigorous curriculum.

The final solution features a canopy entrance/reception area providing a dramatic new image for the program along with a secure and supervised entrance. A centrally located office suite creates a welcoming first impression as well as a safer and more secure environment. The office area has the flexibility to feel open or closed with the use of sliding glass walls.

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