Lowell Public Schools

Lowell Middle School Renovation

Lowell, MI // 158,300 sq. ft.

Lowell Middle School had been expanded, renovated, and reconfigured many times, creating a maze of sprawling corridors and small classrooms. The facility no longer met the needs of the district, and with the growth of the district, more space was needed.

A major renovation and addition spanning 3 years of construction was recently completed and now accommodates the needs of their 870 students. Through phased construction, the building remained in use as additions were added, spaces were modernized, and new technology was integrated. The entire facility was updated throughout the project and now includes three learning commons, larger classrooms with natural daylight, separate locker commons for each grade, and all new STEM labs. A unique aspect of one of the specials classrooms is the use of solar tubes to bring daylight to an interior classroom without windows.

Lowell Middle STEM Half
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