Kalamazoo Public Schools

Milwood Elementary School Additions and Renovations

Kalamazoo, Michigan // 66,065 sq. ft.

Client Challenge & TowerPinkster Solution

Milwood Elementary was in need of updates to improve the educational environment of the building and to provide equitable elementary classroom space similar to other recently completed projects within the Kalamazoo Public Schools (KPS) district. To make way for the north addition, the existing 1921 portion of the building was demolished. This provided new site area for the construction of a new media center, art room, music room, computer lab, cafeteria, and stage addition. The increased visibility of the addition made the new media center the new focal point of the building. A new parking lot and parent drop off loop provide convenient access to the main entry. The 2nd addition was located at the center of the 1949 portion of the building and contains four new classrooms for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten use. Additional space was created for much needed itinerant staff office and meeting space. Renovations to the 1949 building included the conversion of the existing cafeteria space into four classrooms, the replacement of corridor lockers, doors, and hardware, interior lighting, and fire alarm system. The main office was renovated and a new secure vestibule was added to improve the ability for office staff to monitor visitors coming to the building.

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