Grand Rapids Office

Grand Rapids, Michigan // 7,840 sq. ft.

Client Challenge

The historic 1949 Davenport Building, also known as the JA Building, sits in the heart of Grand Rapids at the city’s busiest intersection. Extensive work was needed within the two-story structure, which was vacant for nearly 15 years. The roof had failed, single-pane windows were in need of replacement, utility upgrades were necessary, as were historic repairs.

TowerPinkster Solution

TowerPinkster and Locus Development worked together to build and restore “4 East Fulton”, as it’s now called, to its original, minimally-detailed, art deco style as one of TowerPinkster’s own historic preservation projects. The second floor and a portion of the first floor were renovated into an open-office environment with features like a Teleprescence Conference System which provides off-site team collaboration. The project achieved LEED Platinum whith sustainable features such as:

  • Reclaimed wood paneling made from salvaged shipping crates
  • Countertops made from recycled metal shavings
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting
  • 3D wall panels made with FSCcertified wood
  • Low-VOCs in carpet tile, solid surfacing, and paint
  • Low furniture panels and interior glass maximize the use of natural light
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