Wayland Union Schools

Wayland Union Schools Middle School

Wayland, Michigan // 31,314 sq. ft.

Wayland Union Schools passed a bond to address security, improve energy efficiency and address major capital improvements like roofs and parking lots. In addition, the district wanted to update the high school media center, install new tennis courts, and add a new classroom wing to the middle school to accommodate the growing population of students. Thanks to the bond, every school in the district saw improvements.
This project involved major new classroom additions and site improvements. This houses 12 new eighth grade classrooms, a new STEAM lab, orchestra room, toilets, collaborative commons spaces, mechanical and electrical rooms. A new secondary office addition includes a conference room, toilets, health room, individual offices, reception and secure entrance.
A security vestibule was created in the existing main lobby area, along with a school store and improvements to the existing office space to improve traffic flow, operations and staff needs. The existing reception and work area has minor renovations. The reception counter was also reworked.

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