Whether you realize it or not, you inhabit and experience architecture in nearly every moment of your life. Places to work, shop, eat, and play are the fabric of thriving communities. TowerPinkster understands how the built environment can impact people’s daily lives. Whether it’s new construction, renovation, or historic preservation, our designs improve the lives of people as they engage with architecture. Our projects range from office and retail spaces to breweries, manufacturing facilities, and beyond.
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    Warner Building at 180 Water St. | Kalamazoo, MI

    Each aspect of The Warner Building was planned with comfort and longevity at its core. In addition to its ideal location, the building offers plenty of parking, state-of-the-art surveillance, soundproofing throughout the building, along with an abund...

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    Medical Technology Company Research + Development Headquarters | Portage, Michigan

    This medical technology company desired to create a new campus in order to promote internal collaboration and efficiency, connect workers in an engaging, technology-rich facility, while also stimulating the growth of the Instruments Division and enri...

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    Great Lakes Center for the Arts | Bay Harbor, Michigan

    The Great Lakes Center for the Arts is a destination for cultural performances and events around the nation. The Center creates the perfect venue for private occasions, with a private lounge reserved exclusively for donors. The design is the perfect...

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    Catalyst Development Greenleaf Trust | Grand Rapids, Michigan

    TowerPinkster worked with both Catalyst Development and Greenleaf Trust in order to create a high-end, tailored interior aesthetic which complements Greenleaf’s other offices around the state of Michigan.

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    Greenleaf Trust Traverse City | Traverse City, Michigan

    Greenleaf Trust was in search of a new location in Traverse City and the old City Hall was the perfect fit. Originally built in 1904, the steel-framed building will now become a beautiful office space through the renovation process.

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    Gull Lake Country Club New Golf Clubhouse | Richland, Michigan

    The Gull Lake Country Club (GLCC) enlisted TowerPinkster to develop its new golf clubhouse facility (aka ‘Greenside Grille’) to replace its aging facility on the golf course property. The existing facility was built in 1937 and through an initial eva...

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    Accident Fund Insurance Headquarters | Lansing, Michigan

    TowerPinkster collaborated with HOK, Christman, and Quinn Evans to renovate Lansing's historic 1930’s Ottawa Street Power Station into 10 floors of Class A office space, meeting rooms and social spaces, with basement level parking. Proving engineerin...

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    Medical Technology Company Divisional Facility | Portage, Michigan

    This project consists of the renovation of an office space with the capacity for 700 employees at any time. Over time the organic growth has led to organizational disorder, and the intent is to realign departmental allocation for improved efficiency...

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    Catalyst Development Corporation Hall | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    Originally constructed as a fire station, the 1860’s Kalamazoo Corporation Hall breathes new life into its urban environment as a mixed-use development with retail and residential housing. Skylights, a green roof, a geothermal system, and recycled ma...

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    Fabri-Kal Manchester Facility Renovations | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    As employees expect more from their workplace experiences, Fabri-Kal desired to improve the look and feel of their existing employee break areas. Our TowerPinkster team was enlisted to create a more inviting and pleasant experience for employees as t...

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    Medical Technology Company Distribution Center | Portage, Michigan

    This medical technology company desired to expand their GQ+O Portage Site Building to allow more natural fulfillment of their manufacturing needs. This critical project will enable the company to manufacture and develop product types to further the a...

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    84th Street Pub + Grill Expansion and Renovation | Byron Center, Michigan

    84th Street Pub and Grille wished to expand their kitchen and storage capacity, as well as construct an addition to accommodate large groups. TowerPinkster worked with Pioneer Construction to finalize the design, timeline and budget for construction.

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    TowerPinkster’s Kalamazoo Office | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    For our own Kalamazoo office, TowerPinkster repurposed a historic downtown building into a modern, flexible office space that incorporates a variety of large and small collaboration spaces. Ample natural light, recycled materials and a variety of sus...

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    YMCA Greater Kalamazoo Maple St. Facility | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    As part of a master planning effort by TowerPinkster, the YMCA facility on Maple Street was in need of facility improvements. TowerPinkster created a design that would bring new functionality and place-making to the space.

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    Old National Bank Kalamazoo Branch | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    TowerPinkster collaborated with Old National Bank and AVB Construction to design a two-story, 19,700 square-foot banking and office center within Kalamazoo's Corner@Drake development.

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    Arcadia Ales West Brewhouse + Production Facility | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    Arcadia Ales expanded operations to include a Production Facility and Brewhouse in Kalamazoo. The facility is located on a former Brownfield site and houses production, shipping and receiving, bottling and warehousing, as well as a new tasting room,...

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    Bronson IT Office Renovation | Portage, Michigan

    A need for additional space and a redesigned workflow prompted Bronson Healthcare Group to investigate a new space for their IT department. TowerPinkster reconfigured 38,000 square feet in an existing office building to create a new main entrance to...

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    Hastings Mutual Insurance Company | Hastings, Michigan

    Hastings Mutual Insurance Company worked with an internal team and TowerPinkster to undertake a facility planning process to develop the vision and next generation for their current facility. The building has been built in three phases over time in t...

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  • National Flavors New Production Facility | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    National Flavors is a flavor producer and supplier for the food and beverage industry. Previously located in a facility on Crosstown Parkway in Kalamazoo, it had outgrown the existing facility and was in need of a new facility to accommodate its grow...

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    Zeigler Automotive Group Motorsports Facility | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    Zeigler Motorsports created a one of a kind new motorsports facility located along Sprinkle Road in the Midlink Business Park in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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    AVB Inc. Walden Woods Clubhouse | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    Residential development company, AVB Inc., has brought a commitment towards quality building of residential communities through innovation and place-making for more than 30 years. The company’s most recent development is Walden Woods – a 24-unit encl...

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    Mercedes-Benz of Louisville Renovations | Louisville, KY

    After outgrowing their old space, Mercedes Benz of Louisville worked with TowerPinkster to design a brand new high-end dealership where new, luxury cars can be displayed properly and effectively.

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    AVB Retail Developments | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    TowerPinkster partnered with AVB to design and construct four new retail shopping facilities within the greater Kalamazoo area.

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    Grand Rapids Civic Theatre | Grand Rapids, Michigan

    The TowerPinkster design team of historic preservation, sound, and lighting experts collaborated to revive the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre's original grandeur while organizing the space for greater efficiency and accessibility.

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    Hark Orchids, L.P. New Company Headquarters | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    HARK Orchids opened its first facility outside of Germany to serve as the North American headquarters. The facility includes climate controlled laboratory space, cultivation areas, a production center, and distribution space. The German office aesthe...

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    Silver Harbor Brewing Company | St. Joseph, Michigan

    Silver Harbor Brewing Company teamed with TowerPinkster to repurpose an existing warehouse facility in St. Joseph, Michigan and turn it into a new taproom and production brewery.

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    K-Wings Locker Room Renovations | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    TowerPinkster collaborated with the K-Wings hockey coach and other representatives from Greenleaf Hospitality to design and renovate their existing 6,000 square foot locker room in order to create a first-class facility for the team.

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    Kalamazoo Nature Center Heronwood Field Station | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    In partnership with the Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency and local school districts, the Kalamazoo Nature Center identified a beautiful, custom-built log home and barn to house a new Natural Resources Conservation Center. TowerPinkster c...

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    TowerPinkster’s Grand Rapids Office | Grand Rapids, Michigan

    The TowerPinkster team restored 4 East Fulton in Grand Rapids to its original, minimally-detailed, art deco style while achieving LEED Platinum status. The second floor and a portion of the first floor were renovated into an open-office environment t...

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    Rockford Package Supply New Warehouse + Office Facility | Rockford, Michigan

    Rockford Package Supply is a family-run produce packaging firm in the greater Grand Rapids area. When they needed a new space, they partnered with TowerPinkster and Rockford Construction in order to make that need a reality.

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    The River Church Renovation | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    TowerPinkster transformed this 25,000 SF warehouse, located in Kalamazoo’s Rivers Edge District, into a place of worship. The River Church is now warm and welcoming, featuring a large sanctuary space as well as breakout spaces for meetings, general g...

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    Zeigler Automotive BMW-Lincoln | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    Zeigler Auto Group desired to replace the existing showroom constructed in 1986 to provide a fresh new face to their expanding Stadium Drive location. The challenge was to create a new storefront conforming to the design standards of BMW and Lincoln...

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    Boatyard Brewing Company | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    TowerPinkster converted this former industrial building into a code-compliant public facility. The transformation included plans for factory, business, storage, and assembly space, as well as required firewall separation. Occupancy counts and egress...

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    Orrin B. Hayes Mercedes-Benz Dealership | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    Orrin B. Hayes, a multi-franchise automobile dealership, occupied its downtown Kalamazoo location for more than 75 years. Anticipating future growth, an addition was created for a new Mercedes-Benz showroom, and the existing service area and customer...

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    Cole Krum Chevrolet New Dealership | Vicksburg, Michigan

    As part of Cole Automotive Group’s new Chevrolet Updated Image Program, owners decided to close the existing Vicksburg dealership and build a replacement facility in the adjacent town of Schoolcraft. TowerPinkster was tasked with developing the new c...

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