Alma College

Learning Commons

Alma, Michigan // 98,000 sq. ft.

TowerPinkster assisted Alma College with design concepts for a new Learning Commons. The project called for a complete transformation and modernization of the Kerhl Library to create a center that will serve as a hub of activity and demonstrates the college’s commitment to academic excellence. The goal of the Learning Commons is to create a signature project for the campus that reflects Alma College’s commitment to growth and development in a flexible, 21st-century learning environment.

The concepts were part of a larger planning effort done by TowerPinkster for the College. The facility’s programmatic elements include a 30,000 SF addition of interactive space for team-based learning and a complete renovation of the existing library. The Learning Commons will invigorate Alma’s mission by providing students, faculty, and staff with a desirable, iconic place to socialize, study, collaborate, learn, create, and live.