Alma College

Learning Commons

Alma, Michigan // 98,000 sq. ft.

Alma College is creating a center for collaboration through the addition and renovation of Kerhl Library to become the signature Learning Commons. Within peer institutions, Learning Commons have become a new tool to augment the traditional library and foster engagement between students, faculty and the community. As students transition to a more collaborative pedagogy, the College is developing the Learning Commons as a response to fulfill the mission of expanding the learning potential on campus.

TowerPinkster is currently working with the College to accomplish this vision. The programmatic elements include developing a 30,000 SF addition of interactive space for team-based learning. In order to transform the existing library into a signature building and a new ‘gateway’ to campus, the existing 68,000 SF of the library will be renovated. The new building program will match the needs of 21st Century learning.

The goal of the Learning Commons is to create a signature project for the campus that reflects Alma College’s commitment to growth and development in a flexible, 21st-century learning environment.