What makes working at TowerPinkster so great? The short answer is our people.

Behind every remarkable design and award-winning project, there’s a group of talented, passionate, and humble people. People who encourage each other and look for ways to leverage the skills and unique abilities of everyone. People who know the power of working together and allowing room at the table for all voices. Creating a supportive and welcoming work environment is a top priority. We do this through intentional culture-building activities that help the TowerPinkster team thrive.

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We are passionate about our work, and our communities, encouraging personal and professional growth.

Our team is encouraged to focus on their personal growth and development—in and out of the workplace. From attending industry events to supporting local nonprofits and organizations, our outgoing approach to people, culture, and experiences engrains us in the communities we serve. We encourage a good balance between work and life with paid community service hours and by closing the office an extra day around holidays to allow staff to truly step away and come back rested and ready to roll.


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Our core values.

There are many reasons why more than 40% of our people have been working at TowerPinkster for ten years or longer. Five of these reasons are so important to the fabric that makes up our team, that we adopted them as our core values. These core values support our greater mission of creating unique environments for our clients and communities. We believe that every space, big or small, carries the potential to positively impact the lives of others every day.

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We foster collaboration with our clients to produce sustainable and client-centered solutions.

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Our dedication to customer service results in long-term relationships as trusted advisors.

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We create an atmosphere that cultivates mutual respect, integrity, work-life balance, and the celebration of talent.

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We promote opportunities for continuous growth and advancement.

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We support the communities in which we live, work, and play.