• WMU Locker Banner

    WMU Women’s Basketball Locker Room Renovation | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    The Women’s basketball locker room renovation expands the square footage of the existing locker room by nearly 50 percent and adds a new team lounge area and nutrition station.

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  • MUS Half 2

    Dairy Cattle Teaching + Research Center | East Lansing, MI

    Michigan State University (MSU) has engaged TowerPinkster, Prein and Newhof, and Curry-Wille Associates to design a new Dairy Cattle Teaching and Research Center (DCTRC) to replace the existing facility located at 4075 College Rd, Lansing, MI 48910....

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  • Dunbar ext 1

    Dunbar Hall | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    TowerPinkster partnered with HGA on this holistic renovation, which entails scaling the building to its skeleton and rebuilding and upgrading it to a contemporary learning environment.

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  • Ogle Half 4

    Ivy Tech Ogle Commons | Sellersburg, Indiana

    The Ogle Commons at Ivy Tech's Sellersburg Campus underwent a comprehensive interior renovation spanning just over 5,000 square feet.

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  • Feature Image 21

    GRCC Raleigh J Finkelstein Hall Renovation | Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) engaged our team to help in the envisioning of one of the oldest buildings on campus. The old Main Building has been a fixture in the heart of Grand Rapids for almost 90 years.

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  • Feature Image 103

    Central Michigan University Theunissen Stadium | Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

    Due to the University's overcrowded Indoor Athletic Complex, the baseball program needed more space of their own. TowerPinkster designed an addition to the building located adjacent to the bullpen area, offering easy access for both indoor and outdoo...

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  • 018170 000 N35 projecth

    GRCC Lettinga Hall – Custer Alumni House | Grand Rapids, Michigan

    TowerPinkster partnered with Grand Rapids Community College’s Foundation to renovate the historic Lettinga Hall. The foundation was tucked inside an academic building and GRCC wanted to take the opportunity to relocate to its own building and put the...

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  • Feature Image 2 1

    Lilly Library | Bloomington, Indiana

    The 60-year-old Lilly Library sits in the heart of Indiana University Bloomington’s campus in what has been dubbed the ‘Fine Arts Plaza.’ The historically significant building houses some 460,000 books, 120,000 pieces of sheet music, and more than 8....

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  • Delta Midland Center Feature Image

    Delta College Midland Center | University Center, Michigan

    TowerPinkster worked with Delta College to design a new facility at their satellite campus that focuses on flexible teaching spaces for general education, skilled trades, and healthcare. The STEM-based classes offered in the new building will serve a...

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  • Feature image 86

    Wright Opera House | Alma, Michigan

    Alma’s Opera House, formerly known as the Wright Opera House, houses student apartments and retail space.

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  • overall site e1542401111822

    KVCC Healthy Living Campus | Kalamazoo, MI

    Kalamazoo Valley Community College (KVCC) had a vision to create a new campus for its Culinary Arts and Allied Health Programs in order to respond to the rising trend of simulation in academics. In phase one of a two-phase effort, TowerPinkster worke...

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  • Feature Image 85

    Aquinas College Main Entrance | Grand Rapids, Michigan

    As part of the 2015 Master Plan that TowerPinkster completed for Aquinas College, it was identified that the main entrance to the college needed to be enhanced in order to build the brand of the college in the broader community.

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  • Feature Image 91

    Northwood University Founder’s Garden | Midland, Michigan

    The Northwood University Founder’s Garden is a commemorative expression that brings together past, present and future elements in the landscape. With a focus on inclusive design, the garden celebrates the existing Recognition Park and expands to crea...

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  • Feature Image 83

    Grand Valley State University Pew Campus | Grand Rapids, Michigan

    TowerPinkster worked with Grand Valley State University to create a contemporary, urban university campus with the latest technologies, systems, and energy-saving principles.

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  • Feature Image 81

    Alma College Learning Commons Concept Design | Alma, Michigan

    TowerPinkster assisted Alma College with design concepts for a new Learning Commons. The project called for a complete transformation and modernization of the Kerhl Library to create a center that will serve as a hub of activity and demonstrates the...

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  • Feature Image 93

    KCAD Woodbridge N. Ferris Building Renovation | Grand Rapids, Michigan

    TowerPinkster, Hopkins Burns, and The Christman Co. transformed the Federal Building into a modern classroom building. The main floor boasts an art gallery and converts the original post office into gathering spaces and metal shop. Courtrooms were co...

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  • Feature Image 76

    WMU Heritage Hall Alumni Center | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    The legacy of WMU was founded in 1903 when its historic home, “East Hall,” was built atop of Prospect Hill. The building's historic character was restored and transformed into an Alumni Center featuring campus displays, artifacts, and historic elemen...

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  • Feature Image 106

    KVCC Culinary and Allied Health Building | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    As a part of the Arcadia Collaborative, TowerPinkster worked with KVCC in order to bring the Culinary and Allied Health Building to the new Bronson Healthy Living Campus. The building focuses on the interconnection of the college's Food and Health St...

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  • Feature Image 82

    KVCC Food Innovation Building | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    Kalamazoo Valley Community College (KVCC) had the vision to add new facilities to support its Culinary Arts and Allied Health Programs. One of three buildings within the new Bronson Healthy Living Campus development in downtown Kalamazoo, the new Foo...

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  • Feature Image 105

    Northwood University North Village Housing | Midland, Michigan

    TowerPinkster worked with Northwood University to design two new 21st-century apartment-style facilities within a recently purchased wooded property along the north side of campus. The buildings are nestled into the trees with views to adjacent wetla...

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  • Feature Image 2 2

    Central Michigan University Grawn Hall | Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

    Central Michigan University desired to renovate and design an architecturally-consistent and student-friendly academic environment. TowerPinkster worked with the University to change the perception of Grawn Hall from a simple classroom building, to a...

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  • Feature Image 104

    WSCC Schoenherr Campus Center | Scottville, Michigan

    This facility consolidates student services - including a state-of-the-art library, advising, testing and tutoring, women’s resource center, bookstore, student lounge and café - to create greater accessibility and a centerpiece of student activity. T...

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  • Feature Image 2 1

    University of Notre Dame Eck Baseball | South Bend, Indiana

    The University of Notre Dame wished to build an addition to their Eck Baseball Stadium in order to provide better amenities to the athletes who play there. The new building addition houses a team room and associated support spaces to serve the Univer...

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  • Feature Image 102

    Northwood University Troy Campus | Troy, Michigan

    To support its mission, Northwood found it necessary to provide a larger, more suitable facility with greater street presence. TowerPinkster transformed an old call center into an inspiring educational environment.

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  • HigherEd Aquinas College Master Plan Banner e1538404647244

    Aquinas College Campus Master Plan | Grand Rapids, Michigan

    TowerPinkster completed the 2015 Campus Master Plan update for Aquinas College, a 107-acre campus with a student population of 2,400. The Master Plan is a 10-year update focused on the rich Catholic Dominican traditions, the wooded campus setting, an...

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  • Feature Image 84

    University of Notre Dame North Dining Hall | South Bend, Indiana

    The University of Notre Dame’s North Dining Hall, built in 1957, was last renovated 1988. The building’s amenities not only required updating, but the University also wished to enhance the look and experience of the dining hall for students and facul...

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  • 2187 M

    Western Michigan University On-Going Engineering Services | Kalamazoo, MI

    Since 2013, TowerPinkster has completed over 200 engineering projects for WMU of varying size and scale

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  • Feature Image 74

    Aquinas College Albertus Magnus Hall of Science | Grand Rapids, Michigan

    TowerPinkster worked with Aquinas College to establish a new face for their science program. The team created a design concept for the future of the science building, which was completed in two phases. Redeveloped areas feature research space, classr...

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  • HigherEd Northwood University Master Plan

    Northwood Campus Master Plan | Midland, Michigan

    When Northwood University recognized that it needed to continue to improve and maintain the campus and its facilities, they teamed with TowerPinkster to develop a new Master Plan for their Midland Campus.

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  • Feature 2

    Kalamazoo College Natatorium | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    TowerPinkster worked with Kalamazoo College to design a state-of-the-art natatorium to better serve the men’s and women’s swim teams as well as the local community. The design includes an NCAA competition-compliant pool with wet offices and classroom...

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  • Feature Image 100

    Albion College Science Complex | Albion, Michigan

    TowerPinkster provided engineering services for a new Science Complex and the remodeling of three existing buildings on the Albion campus with MacLachlan Cornelius & Filoni Architects. Our engineers were able to design a heat recovery system that mee...

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  • Feature Image 99

    Kalamazoo College Hicks Student Center | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    The center portion of the 1930’s building was renovated to create a new atrium that provided visual connections inside and out. Student service functions were consolidated and radiate from this central atrium. Multiple floor levels were reduced to th...

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  • Feature Image 77

    Montcalm Community College MTEC Expansion | Greenville, Michigan

    The new Advanced Technology Center allowed MCC’s existing renewable energy program to expand while providing up-to-date classroom, laboratory, office and support spaces. The design optimizes advanced technology programming and provides for future fle...

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  • Feature Image 97

    Kellogg Community College Binda Theatre Renovation | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    Originally constructed in the 1960s, Binda Theatre was outdated with a small lobby and minimal space for receptions or gatherings. TowerPinkster renovated the building to include the addition of a new, technology-equipped atrium which is now large en...

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  • Feature Image 96

    Kellogg Community College Davidson Visual and Performing Arts | Battle Creek, Michigan

    Kellogg Community College underwent several renovation projects as part of Phase II of their Capital Improvement Program. Projects include additions and renovations to the Eastern Academic Building, Miller Physical Education Building, Binda Performin...

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  • Feature Image 95

    Northwood University DeVos Graduate School of Management | Midland, Michigan

    Northwood University opened its Graduate School of Management, featuring flexible classrooms for business programs at the masters and doctoral levels. The addition to the Midland campus provides increased presence and extended offerings. This is Nort...

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  • Feature Image 94

    WSCC Arts and Sciences Center | Scottville, Michigan

    The expansion and renovation of the Arts and Sciences Center successfully unifies programs including graphics, digital photography, traditional art, music, performing and language arts functions into a single location. The former campus library house...

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  • Feature Image 92

    FSU Professional Golf Management Program | Big Rapids, Michigan

    The Katke Golf Course is home to FSU’s Professional Golf Management (PGM) program. The combination of a highly rated public golf course and a degreed program led FSU to a new addition to the existing facility for enhanced student instruction and to h...

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  • Feature Image 90

    Muskegon Community College One-Stop Center | Muskegon, Michigan

    Originally a geographical disconnect between student service departments, creating an inconvenient and confusing admission process, TowerPinkster reorganized all functions into a single area at the main entry. This space is also located near other im...

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  • HigherEd Lake Superior State Master Plan

    LSSU Campus Master Plan | Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

    Established in 1946 to address the needs of returning World War II veterans and to provide educational opportunities to the people of Eastern Upper Peninsula, Lake Superior State University still embodies the essence of earlier times. TowerPinkster c...

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  • Feature Image 89

    Kellogg Community College Lane Thomas Building | Battle Creek, Michigan

    Kellogg Community College’s original industrial art building was housed in the Lane Thomas Building which had many uses over the years with minimal upgrades. The building did not meet the requirements needed to instruct EMS and Criminal Justice progr...

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  • Feature Image 88

    Kellogg Community College Student Service Center | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    TowerPinkster worked with user groups and stakeholders to gather input for reconfiguring the building to better serve students and staff. A new glass entry was also designed to create a greater prominence on campus as the original entry was non-descr...

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  • Feature Image 87

    FSU East Campus Housing | Big Rapids, Michigan

    In order to attract and retain students in today’s competitive higher education environment, TowerPinkster’s design had to offer the academic and social environments and amenities today’s millennials expect on campus. Three new, 3-story complexes wer...

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  • Feature Image 79

    Northwood University’s Robert W. Plaster Free Enterprise Center | Midland, Michigan

    TowerPinkster worked with Northwood University to renovate and add on to an existing building, creating the Robert W. Plaster Free Enterprise Center. This new space is a hub for undergraduate learning, featuring flexible classrooms, faculty offices,...

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  • Feature Image 98

    Aquinas College Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Chapel | Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Since the College’s inception in 1886, they have never had a structure solely devoted as a campus chapel. In the spring of 2014, the College determined the need for a permanent chapel that addressed the role and prominence of faith on the Dominican c...

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  • Feature Image 101

    Jackson College Central Campus Mall Transformation | Jackson, Michigan

    TowerPinkster is currently working with the College to create a plan for redeveloping its Central Campus Mall: a 5.1-acre green space spanning between five of the most centrally located buildings.

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  • Feature Image 75

    Alma Mitchell + Newberry Halls | Alma, Michigan

    Mitchell and Newberry Halls are two of the main undergraduate dorms on Alma College’s campus. As part of Alma’s Master Plan Implementation Strategy, these 1960’s vintage buildings were upgraded with improved mechanical and electrical systems, buildin...

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