What is your vision?

We believe that great architecture should inspire users to become more curious about the ways they interact with the world around them. Our design solutions are based on human needs and human nature so that everyone can feel inspired by the built environment. We’ll walk with you through programming and conceptual design to schematic design, design development, construction documents, and all the way to a freshly imagined space. The process begins by working with you to create a vision for the future and defining what success looks like for your entire team. Then, we utilize those success factors to plan and catalog all the elements that are needed for the project to be complete. Next comes the 2D and 3D visualization of your project which is a creative mix of ideas and images spun together into solutions. From there, the development and documentation of the design are mapped out on drawings as an instruction manual for construction. It’s a journey, and we are here to help guide you and your project in the right direction to reach your destination, the realization of the vision we cast out at the onset.

Our Range of Architecture Services

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Facility Assessments

Let's take stock. Facility assessments help all parties involved evaluate the fitness of a building for reuse and understand how to plan for potential new growth.
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We'll play accountant and artist. Programming allows us to measure sizes, run the numbers, test spaces, and gather initial design ideas to develop spaces that support the end goal of the project.
Arch Conceptual Design Edit

Conceptual Design

It’s time to explore options. The building program helps form various spatial arrangements that aim to bring project goals to life. Conceptual Design is where designs begin to take shape and establish a unique look.
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Rendering + Visualization

Experience your space. Architecture is inherently 3D and new technology allows our clients to interact with spaces in early design. Visualizations also share the materiality, volume, and character of the space before it exists.

Bond Campaign Support

Community support is essential. Our marketing and design teams will work with you to cast an early vision for the direction of a project and show how it will address the needs of a community to garner their support.
Arch Fundraising Support

Fundraising Support

Demonstrate your needs and aspirations. Fundraising campaigns are met with more success when donors are able to see the need and the vision.