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  • Mean Green Leadership Machines First & 42

    Early training and support for young professionals and high potentials is a crucial investment. The first few years of anyone’s career are an unanticipated and critical point of transition. Young professionals move out of the structured and predictable world of education and enter the professional landscape, with heightened responsibilities.

    Transitioning from a small firm to TowerPinkster, Cassandra Ritchie was eager to begin the program. “I was having trouble navigating my way of how I can be a leader when I’m not in a management role,” said Cassandra. “I’ve learned to adapt to the thought process that you don’t have to have a title to be a leader.”

  • May bond passage projects underway School News Network

    Students at Crossroads Middle and West Oakview Elementary schools are being greeted with a change this year right at the front doors. Vestibule construction and main office renovations recently wrapped up at both schools.

    After the recent bond passage, Rockford Construction and Tower Pinkster began design work with the district on East Oakview Elementary.

  • Fulton schools to once again seek bond issue Morning Sun

    Fulton Schools will once again seek passage of a bond issue in the Nov. 3 general election. In the primary the district actually had two proposals on the ballot but have decided to trim that to one for what is termed “essential needs” that was defeated by just four votes in August, 602-598.

    School officials began the process by hiring the engineering firm TowerPinkster and construction managers Wieland Builds Inc. to do a facility needs assessment to help identify essential building projects and upgrades that should be done.

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  • Advanced Manufacturing Facility // Process Improvement

    The Lean Six Sigma process is a disciplined, data-driven approach and method for eliminating defects in the process – which is always our goal at TowerPinkster. Learn more from our in-house Lean expert and project manager, Marika Hawes-Ruhrup in our Advanced Manufacturing Series.

  • Advanced Manufacturing Series // Specialty Engineering

    With over 440 miles of building wire, 30 miles of piping used in plumbing and HVAC systems, and more than an acre of snowmelt, the Stryker Instruments project was no small feat. Jon Rumohr, Manager of Mechanical Engineering, shares about specialty engineering in our Advanced Manufacturing Series.

  • Radiant Heating, Displacement Ventilation Create Airport Comfort

    TowerPinkster engineers, Ryan Idema, PE, and Jesse Hendershot, PE, were recently recognized for their work on the Gerald R. Ford International Airport Consolidated Checkpoint. Read more about their efforts to capitalize upon energy efficiency, indoor air quality and temperature comfort, cost-effectiveness, and environmental impact in their published article in the ASHRAE Journal.