Blurring the line between what we do for a living and what we do for where we live.

In our work and our designs, TowerPinkster is deeply invested in bettering the communities we serve. Fostering the growth and development of our communities and ourselves is imperative to who we are as people and as an organization. In fact, we believe that our community is out most important investment. Together as a firm, we have supported countless organizations through volunteering, donations, participation, and engagement. We strive to do our part to make the bigger picture, better. Every employee receives eight hours of paid time to volunteer to charitable organizations each year. We also give charitable offerings to organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Kids’ Food Basket, Communities in Schools, ACE Mentor Program, YWCA, United Way, and more.

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Designed with room to grow.

Personal growth and development are a top priority for our firm. Team members are encouraged to participate in mentorship programs, professional organizations, and attend conferences and seminars to promote continued education. In the workplace, collaboration isn’t just encouraged. It’s fostered. All ideas are welcome, and all questions are taken seriously. By working together, we’re able to bring the best ideas to life.

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The value of being taken seriously.

The youth of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. We take that notion to heart, which is why our internship program is so important to us. Our interns are actively involved in projects and play a notable part in our firm’s success. Senior staff members mentor and provide a 360° experience for every intern in every discipline. TowerPinkster is also actively involved with the Monroe-Brown Scholarship Program; a program that offers hourly wages, quality internships, and scholarship funding to encourage students to stay and engage in the community after graduation.

Scholarships and continued education.

We proudly invest in the education of our future leaders through several scholarships: