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    Lowell Middle School Renovation | Lowell, MI

    Lowell Middle School had been expanded, renovated, and reconfigured many times, creating a maze of sprawling corridors and small classrooms. The facility no longer met the needs of the district, and with the growth of the district, more space was nee...

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    Kelloggsville Softball + Baseball | Grand Rapids, Michigan

    TowerPinkster worked with Kelloggsville Public Schools to upgrade the athletic facilities. The primary feature that sets these pitches apart is the use of high-quality turf, which not only provides an aesthetically pleasing surface but also ensures r...

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    Oakridge Public Schools Renovations | Muskegon, Michigan

    TowerPinkster collaborated with Oakridge Schools and OAK to pass and execute a $16.1 million bond aimed at enhancing the learning experience for both students and staff. The bond facilitated upgrades to all the buildings in the district, starting wit...

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  • BC Media Center

    Byron Center Nickels Intermediate | Byron Center, Michigan

    The New Nickels Intermediate School, tailored for 5th and 6th-grade students, accommodates 850 individuals and allows for future growth. Its design encompasses two classroom wings providing ample space for engaging learning environments.

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    Jenison Public Schools Wildcat Fieldhouse | Jenison, Michigan

    The new multi-purpose facility at Jenison Public School offers versatile spaces to support various programs, including the award-winning marching band. The unique 80-yard turf field is marked for football, soccer, and lacrosse. Indoor batting cages p...

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    Kelloggsville Central Elementary | Grand Rapids, Michigan

    TowerPinkster worked with Kelloggsville Public Schools to replace the existing outdated 1960s elementary building to help benefit students, staff, and visitors. The new Kelloggsville Central Elementary school now contains numerous features that combi...

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  • Feature Image 27

    West Washington High School Technical Trades | Campbellsburg, IN

    TowerPinkster was engaged by West Washington School Corporation (WWSC) to design a renovation and addition for the school’s career/technical education programs to better equip their students and fellow members of the Lost River Career Cooperative wit...

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  • Leland Feature

    Leland Public School K-12 School Additions + Renovations | Leland, Michigan

    Leland Public School completed renovations and improvements to their 152, 728 SF K-12 building after a successful bond vote in 2018. This bond will allow a new elementary addition, along with upgraded security and bigger windows to influence students...

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  • mor 9084crop1100x460 1

    Morgan Elementary School Renovations | Palmyra, IN

    The project consisted of demolition of several antiquated areas of the existing building, complete renovation of the remaining areas, and several new additions. Portions of the building remained occupied at all times, resulting in a complex construct...

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  • Feature Image 17

    Forest Hills Central Stadium | Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Following the approval of their 2018 bond program, Forest Hills Public Schools engaged TowerPinkster to design various additions and renovations to their Central Stadium. The district desired to reimagine the aging field to match its more modern faci...

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  • Feature Image 111

    Byron Center Public Schools West Middle School Athletic Site Design | Byron Center, Michigan

    Byron Center Public Schools pursued the development of their site at their West Middle School Site for an Athletic Complex.

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  • NV East Oakview MS Feature Image

    Northview Public Schools East Oakview Elementary | Northview, Michigan

    East Oakview Elementary received new furniture throughout, a reconfigured administrative lobby and teachers area, a refreshed media center, and an expanded playground space.

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  • 020204 505 N7 cropped 750x500

    Milan High School Gym Lobby Addition + Renovation | Milan, Indiana

    The addition and renovation of Milan High School's gym lobby celebrates the school's remarkable 1954 state championship basketball team. The team's historic win was used as inspiration for the 1986 film "Hoosiers."

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  • Feature Image 47

    North Harrison Middle School Classroom Addition | Ramsey, Indiana

    TowerPinkster was selected to design significant additions and renovations for North Harrison Middle School. The design team evaluated the building’s existing conditions and recommended portions to remain and portions to be demolished.

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  • Feature Image FH ThornappleElementary

    Forest Hills Public Schools Thornapple Elementary | Forest Hills, Michigan

    Thornapple Elementary’s design team aimed to create an inspiring learning environment that seamlessly integrates whimsical, nature-inspired details throughout the classrooms, hallways, and cafeterias.

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  • Feature Image 48

    Seymour Ag-Science & Research Farm | Seymour, Indiana

    Located on a 5-acre site in the Freeman Field Industrial Park on the city’s southwest side, the 12,000-square-foot building provides educators, students and even the community with new tools and opportunities to teach, explore and promote agriculture...

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  • Mona Shores Softball Banner

    Mona Shores Baseball + Softball Fields | Norton Shores, Michigan

    In an effort to meet the needs of the expanding softball program, the Athletic Complex was upgraded.

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  • Feature Image 49

    Seymour Schools Athletic Fields | Seymour, Indiana

    During TowerPinkster's collaboration with Seymour Community Schools, enhancements to the soccer facilities were successfully executed. This included the installation of a new varsity artificial turf field, alongside upgrades to adjacent grass practic...

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  • Feature Image 50

    Jeffersonville High School Bleacher Replacement | Jeffersonville, Indiana

    High School Lower Gymnasium Bleacher Replacement and resurfacing of the gym floor.

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  • Feature Image 51

    Brown Elementary School | Seymour, Indiana

    Renovations, in general, to the existing central core of the building surrounding the library.

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  • Salem Half 1

    Salem Community Schools Middle and High School FEMA Safe Rooms | Salem, IN

    Funding from FEMA enabled Salem Community Schools to initiate crucial infrastructure enhancements targeted at enhancing the safety and security of students and staff in both middle and high schools.

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  • Feature Image CAPS Lincoln Elementary 2

    Cadillac Public Schools Elementary Renovations | Cadillac, Michigan

    TowerPinkster worked with Cadillac Public Schools and The Skillman Corporation to complete projects throughout the district as a result of their successful 2018 bond campaign. Franklin and Lincoln Elementaries are newly completed and boast interior f...

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  • Feature Image 52

    Jeffersonville High School Auditorium | Jeffersonville, Indiana

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  • Feature Image 53

    Crothersville Elementary & Jr/Sr High School | Crothersville, Indiana

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  • Feature Image 28

    Mitchell High School | Mitchell, Indiana

    The existing facility consisted of the original 1963 building and a 1980 gymnasium addition. The two components differed significantly in architectural design and quality of appearance. A prime objective was to update both sections and blend them int...

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    Paoli Jr/Sr High School | Paoli, Indiana

    With the addition of a long-anticipated auditorium, TowerPinkster elevated the quality of performing arts at Paoli Jr./Sr. High School. The school expansion also included a new auxiliary gym with an elevated walking track, additional classrooms, a fi...

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  • Feature Image 29

    Lanesville Community Schools | Lanesville, Indiana

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  • Feature Image 55

    South Ripley Jr/Sr High School | Versailles, Indiana

    A new gymnasium, kitchen, cafetorium, media center, science labs, and Ag Shop at South Ripley were accompanied by a renovation of the entire school.

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  • Feature Image 30

    East Washington Middle & High School |

    One of the fastest-growing districts in southern Indiana, East Washington has K-12 facilities on a single campus.

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  • Feature Image 12

    Salem Middle School Pool Renovations | Salem, IN

    The 1975 Salem Middle School Pool was in need of improvements to stay up to code and fix structural issues. TowerPinskter created a facility that meets requirements and allows for engagement with students and the surrounding community.

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  • Feature Image 13

    Silver Creek Primary School Renovations | Sellersburg, IN

    The new Silver Creek Primary school focused on creating a building for early childhood learning that improved the environment for the development of young students.

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  • KHA NorthHarrisonGym 1

    North Harrison Middle School Triple Gym | Ramsey, Indiana

    Tower Pinkster was hired for Phase 2 renovations at North Harrison Middle School. This phase consisted of a new addition with an auxiliary gym housing three (3) full-size basketball courts, restrooms, concessions, and a new athletics entry to serve b...

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  • Feature Image 37

    Brownstown High School Football Stadium | Brownstown, Indiana

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  • Feature Image 26

    Cortland Elementary School | Cortland, Illinois

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  • Feature Image CWS45E

    Coldwater Community Schools Lakeland Elementary | Coldwater, Michigan

    A 2014 facilities assessment indicated that Coldwater Community Schools was in need of making significant upgrades to the original Lakeland Elementary facility. The building lacked many amenities needed to support current and future educational model...

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  • MG 9230

    Salem Middle School | Salem, Indiana

    New additions to Salem Middle School helped give the facility a more modern look and feel. Building additions were completed for the auxiliary gym and lobby, stages and theatrical support, an administrative office with secure entry, and a three-story...

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  • jeffhigh mediaroom 1 banner1100x460

    Jeffersonville High School Radio Room | Jeffersonville, Indiana

    TowerPinskter designed an advanced audio and video production facility for Jeffersonville High School. The highly visible, glass-walled radio station is located at the top of the gymnasium. Additionally, there are separate television shooting studios...

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  • Feature Image 20

    Grand Rapids Public Schools Union High School | Grand Rapids

    Union High School is one of five high schools in the Grand Rapids Public School district. The district determined that renovating the existing building on the current site is the most effective strategy for completing upgrades to the school.

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  • Feature Image WMD

    Wayland Union Schools Middle School | Wayland, Michigan

    This project involves a major new classroom addition and site improvements. This houses 12 new eighth grade classrooms, a new STEAM lab, orchestra room, toilets, collaborative commons spaces, mechanical and electrical rooms. A new secondary office ad...

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  • Mona Shores Banner

    Mona Shores Soccer Stadium | Norton Shores, Michigan

    In an effort to meet the needs of the expanding soccer program, the Athletic Complex was upgraded.

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  • Feature Image GTACSICE

    Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools Immaculate Conception Elementary | Traverse City, Michigan

    The highly visible location of the Immaculate Conception Elementary School on the main artery into downtown Traverse City provides a wonderful opportunity to improve the presence of the Church and school within the community.

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  • Feature Image GRPSCH

    Grand Rapids Public Schools City Middle/High School Renovations | Grand Rapids, MI

    Our team completed a high-definition point-cloud scan of the Academic Wing’s existing conditions. We were able to use the scans and generate three-dimensional models to leverage in design and decision-making. The biggest challenge we faced was renova...

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  • Feature Image OlivetCS

    Olivet Community Schools Athletic Stadium | Olivet, Michigan

    The existing athletic stadium at Olivet High School consisted of a natural grass field with an asphalt track, located in a low, wet area with frequent flooding. The facility was also too small for attendance.

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  • 18158 70 N40 webview

    Forest Hills Public Schools Orchard View Elementary | Forest Hills, Michigan

    TowerPinkster worked with Forest Hills schools to renovate Orchard View Elementary, providing not only a refresh for the whole facility, but also a new entrance, new classrooms, and a new gymnasium.

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  • Feature Image 108

    Battle Creek Area Math and Science Center | Battle Creek, Michigan

    This renovation of the former Kellogg Cereal City Museum is now home to high school STEM education programs for exceptionally talented students. TowerPinkster’s design used biological science for inspiration. Scientific installations including sustai...

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  • Feature Image BCPS CountrysideElem

    Byron Center Public Schools Countryside Elementary | Byron Center, Michigan

    The design of this new facility supports an educational curriculum relating to the natural environment and the area’s agricultural history through the use of collaborative, large group spaces surrounded by modular classroom clusters, ample daylight a...

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  • Feature Image ColomaCSHS

    Coloma Community Schools High School | Coloma, Michigan

    By stretching the office and band/choir addition across the front facade of the building, TowerPinkster created a new image for the high school. This addition provided a new office area and a secure point of entry. Additionally, the design team rewor...

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  • Feature Image GRPS HousmanField

    GRPS Houseman Field | Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Originally constructed in 1923, Houseman Field was in need of improved functionality, safety, and accessibility and restoration of the historic facility. The design features home and visitor plazas with handicap-accessible, family-friendly restrooms,...

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  • Feature Image 112

    Northview Public Schools High School | Grand Rapids, Michigan

    A facility assessment showed that removing the older, poorly functioning areas in the center, and replacing with a new, two-story academic addition, would be the most economical solution. The new building features new science and computer labs, pool...

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  • Feature Image GRPS MLKJRLA

    GRPS Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Academy | Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Located on three acres of inner-city land, this new facility provides a state-of-the-art learning environment that incorporates technology and flexible learning spaces for group activities and tutoring, in addition to classrooms. The school also serv...

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  • Feature Image KPSLGMS

    Linden Grove Middle School | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    TowerPinkster reduced the scale of a large, intimidating middle school by designing a series of “houses” which include four general classrooms, large and smaller group spaces, science lab, lockers, restrooms, and teacher workspaces. A central student...

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  • Feature Image KPS PrairieRidgeElementary

    KPS Prairie Ridge Elementary School | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    One of the goals of this project was to provide for greater community use of the building during and after school. TowerPinkster’s solution created two wings that separate educational use and community use spaces. The first wing houses cafeteria, gym...

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  • Feature Image KRESA WoodsEdge

    KRESA WoodsEdge Learning Center | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    The new special education building provides unique resources for individuals with autism and severe cognitive and physical impairments. With careful thought to mobility challenges, color, lighting, custom learning spaces, and safety, this school crea...

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  • FPHS Exteriors Feature Image

    Fruitport Community Schools High School | Fruitport, Michigan

    This new addition opens into a student commons featuring two clearly-defined entrances - one for visitors and students arriving by bus, and the other for staff and students arriving by car. Accordingly, bus, car, and pedestrian circulation zones have...

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  • Feature Image KentISDHS

    Kent ISD Innovation High School | Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Innovation High School is part of The New Tech Network of schools. This non-profit organization works with the local school to provide innovative learning environments. The project-based approach engages students with dynamic, rigorous curriculum. Th...

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  • Feature Image KNC NWPreschool

    Kalamazoo Nature Center Nature’s Way Preschool | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    As part of Nature's Way Preschool's “No Child Left Inside” campaign, this new building will replace the current facility, allowing the Nature-Based Learning program to expand and remain one of the most established nature preschools in the nation. The...

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  • Feature Image 109

    Jenison Public Schools Kids First | Jenison, Michigan

    The new building houses both the Early Childhood Center and the Spanish Immersion program and offers both room for growth. The programming of the space was done in collaboration with the staff and community to form a result that will meet the communi...

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  • Feature Image NewaygoPS VelmaME

    Newaygo Public Schools Velma Matson Elementary School | Newaygo, Michigan

    TowerPinkster performed a district-wide facility assessment, which allowed the district to conclude that the best possible outcome for the elementary program would be to demolish the lower elementary building, and renovate and expand the Velma Matson...

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  • Kellogsville Feature

    Kelloggsville Public Schools High School | Grand Rapids, Michigan

    In order to give Kelloggsville students all available opportunities to prepare them for their futures, the high school space needed to be renovated to accommodate the competitive nature of today’s learning environment. This development included addin...

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  • Feature Image ELPS

    East Lansing Public Schools MacDonald Middle School | East Lansing, Michigan

    TowerPinkster’s team designed several additions and renovations to serve students at all levels. A new main entrance offers added security while creating an identifiable and memorable experience that helps transform the image of the school. The exist...

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  • Feature Image OtsegoPS Stadium

    Otsego High School Stadium | Otsego, Michigan

    TowerPinkster designed a new stadium entry, team rooms, and press box. The athletic complex features a synthetic turf field and a resilient-surface track. This allows other sports teams (i.e. soccer) to use the field for games and practice, maximizin...

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  • Feature Image 2

    Thornapple Kellogg Schools High School | Middleville, Michigan

    TowerPinkster’s design solution created a new “Main Street” through the center of the building to improve circulation, visibility, and supervision. Art rooms and a multi-media lab are visible from Main Street and a new, modern media center (which ser...

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  • Feature Image HartPS

    Hart Public Schools High School | Hart, Michigan

    TowerPinkster and Hart Public Schools worked together to design a solution for the High School, which was in need of a design that could be more conducive to a modern learning environment. Our solution renovated nearly every piece of the existing bui...

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  • Feature Image KalamazooChristianSMiddleSchool

    Kalamazoo Christian School Middle School | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    Kalamazoo Christian's Elementary School currently served preschool through fifth grade, and TowerPinkster designed a Middle School addition which would relocate sixth through eighth-grade students from their current facility. The addition features an...

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  • Feature Image KPSMilwoodE

    KPS Milwood Elementary School | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    Milwood Elementary was in need of updates to improve the educational environment and provide classroom space similar to other recently completed projects within the Kalamazoo Public Schools (KPS) district. TowerPinkster collaborated with KPS in order...

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  • Feature Image VicksburgCS

    Vicksburg Community Schools Athletic Stadium | Vicksburg, Michigan

    TowerPinkster redesigned this athletic complex, originally built on swamp land, to address drainage issues. Synthetic turf was used to provide the district with more opportunities to utilize the stadium for practice fields, soccer, rocket football, p...

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  • Feature Image OtsegoPS

    Otsego Public Schools High School | Otsego, Michigan

    The new facility features a two-story commons that serves as the unifying space between three zones: academics, fine arts, and athletics. The Commons Area is multi-functional and combines spaces for study, dining, project areas, and casual interactio...

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  • Feature Image ShepherdPS

    Shepherd Public Schools Districtwide Projects | Shepherd, Michigan

    Cost-effective and creative solutions were designed to address Shepherd’s facility challenges. At the elementary, 16 new classrooms replace portables, the existing gym was renovated into a media center which better serves students and the community,...

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  • Feature Image RPMS

    Reeths-Puffer Public Schools Middle School | Muskegon, Michigan

    The dramatic transformation to this building was accomplished for a fraction of the cost of a new facility and it solved all of the previous issues with the former building. Some of the poorer classroom areas and courtyards in the building were remov...

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  • Feature Image KPSWWA

    KPS Washington Writers’ Academy | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    The new two-story Washington Writers’ Academy is organized on the site so that it has a greater presence along the Portage Street corridor. The new building layout allows for easy supervision of activities from a few select points. Equipped with a se...

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  • BondCampBanner2

    Bond Campaigns | Districts Across Michigan

    TowerPinkster has developed a unique process that is easy to engage and has proven to be very successful. Our process involves establishing a work plan (plan your work, then work your plan) and timeline at the very beginning of the process. By establ...

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  • Feature Image 110

    Byron Center Public Schools High School | Byron Center, Michigan

    Byron Center High School has been growing at an exponential rate and needed to expand their space to add classrooms, labs, and areas for improved circulation.

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  • CaledoniaSchoolsAdmin Feature Image 1

    Caledonia Public Schools Administration Building | Caledonia, Michigan

    The old Glenmore High School was renovated through the 2020 bond to become the new administration building.

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  • Churchill 4

    Mona Shores Churchill Elementary Renovations | Norton Shores, Michigan

    As part of the bond passed in 2018, Mona Shores Public Schools partnered with TowerPinkster to complete upgrades to multiple elementary schools, including Churchill Elementary. This renovation project included several additions: a new entry canopy an...

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  • Field Halfsize

    Turn 2 Foundation Baseball + Softball Pitch Renovation | Kalamazoo, Michigan

    We collaborated with Kalamazoo Public Schools to revitalize the softball and baseball facilities at Kalamazoo Central High School. The Turn 2 Foundation and Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation generously funded this project

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  • 019122 500 N8 projecth

    Northview Highlands Middle Renovation | Northview, Michigan

    Included in the $36.6 million bond passed in 2020 were improvements to the two middle schools in the district. At Highlands Middle, a new secure entrance, renovated office area, and updated lobby provide a safe and welcoming entry to the renovated bu...

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  • North Oakview 3

    Northview North Oakview Elementary Renovation | Northview, Michigan

    Included in the $36.6 million bond passed in 2020 were improvements to the elementary schools in the district. At North Oakview, a new secure entrance and updated lobby provide a safe and welcoming entry to the renovated building. Air conditioning wa...

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  • KraftMeadowsMS Feature Image 2

    Caledonia Public Schools Kraft Meadows Middle | Caledonia, Michigan

    Kraft Meadows Middle received 2 classroom wings and an expanded cafeteria and servery.

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