The TowerPinkster team is diverse. We are creatives, drafters, makers, trailblazers, brewers, football fans, chefs, runners, and animal lovers. Some of us are young, some are not, some love the summer sun, some relish snowscapes, some of us wear glasses, and some have laser-sharp vision. We are united by our love of asking questions and exploring new directions because we know our curiosity leads to remarkable results.

Michael Adeniyi

Michael Adeniyi Architectural Designer

Nicki Allen

Nicki Allen Senior Project Administrative Assistant

Briana Alvarado

Briana Alvarado Interior Designer

Ryan Archer

Ryan Archer Senior Design Architect + Planner

Marie Arrington

Marie Arrington Architectural Project Coordinator

Chris Baer

Chris Baer Senior Project Architect

Roger Ball

Roger Ball BIM Specialist

Katy Beckstrom

Katy Beckstrom Mechanical Designer

Chloé Beighley

Chloé Beighley Manager of Business Development

Carissa  Benjamin

Carissa Benjamin Interior Designer

Chris Bennett

Chris Bennett Construction Administrator

Tyler Bennett

Tyler Bennett Structural Engineer

Sara Bergakker

Sara Bergakker Director | Senior Mechanical Engineer

Shawn Birman

Shawn Birman Human Resources Coordinator

Jeff Birzele

Jeff Birzele Senior Project Architect

Olivia Blackerby

Olivia Blackerby Landscape Architect

Ron Blake

Ron Blake Manager of Information Systems

McKenna  Bland

McKenna Bland Marketing + Bond Campaign Specialist

Scott Boelema

Scott Boelema Architectural Project Coordinator

Collin Boeskool

Collin Boeskool Mechanical Designer

Jordan Boothby

Jordan Boothby Mechanical Engineer

Paul Bootsma

Paul Bootsma Mechanical Engineer

Meghan Boyer

Meghan Boyer Manager of Interior Design

Bradley Boyer

Bradley Boyer Senior Architectural Designer

Javier Britton

Javier Britton Architectural Designer

Judson Brood

Judson Brood Senior Architectural Project Coordinator

Ethan Brouwer

Ethan Brouwer Construction Administrator

Brendan Brown

Brendan Brown Senior Design Architect

Bruce  Browning

Bruce Browning Senior Project Architect

Sabrina Burke

Sabrina Burke Project Architect

Karla Canela-Derks

Karla Canela-Derks Business Development Coordinator

Andres Carmona-Franco

Andres Carmona-Franco Architectural Technician

Kevin Carrasco

Kevin Carrasco Architectural Technician

Joe  Chapman

Joe Chapman Senior Mechanical Designer

Sam Chlebana

Sam Chlebana Architectural Project Coordinator

James Collins

James Collins Senior Architectural Project Coordinator

Karen  Copenhafer

Karen Copenhafer Interior Designer

Rob Courter

Rob Courter Manager of Architectural Department

Nicholas Covey

Nicholas Covey IT Support Specialist

Kendra Daniel

Kendra Daniel Design Architect

Marjorie Dean

Marjorie Dean Structural Engineer

Michael  DeLong

Michael DeLong Senior Architectural Project Coordinator

John  DenBoer

John DenBoer Director of K-12 Education | Senior Design Architect

Mindi DeVries

Mindi DeVries Interior Designer

Lee Dingemans

Lee Dingemans Senior Architectural Project Coordinator

Anne Doornbos

Anne Doornbos Project Architect

Jeff Doran

Jeff Doran Senior Mechanical Designer

Adam Doubblestein

Adam Doubblestein Principal | Director of Operations

Cameron Drake

Cameron Drake Senior Technology Designer

Ashley Dunneback

Ashley Dunneback Design Architect

Shane Evens

Shane Evens Manager of Electrical Engineering

Ryan Eversole

Ryan Eversole Manager of Structural Engineering

Sara Jo Fall

Sara Jo Fall Interior Designer

Leah Fernandez

Leah Fernandez Mechanical Designer

Logan  Flowers

Logan Flowers Architectural Technician

JT  Fournier

JT Fournier Mechanical Designer

Frank Frost

Frank Frost Senior Project Architect

Bill Gallagher

Bill Gallagher Senior Mechanical Designer

Mike Galovan

Mike Galovan Senior Project Manager

Scott Garberick

Scott Garberick Senior Electrical Designer

Benjamin Gernaat

Benjamin Gernaat Electrical Designer

Bethany Gibson

Bethany Gibson Project Architect

Heather Graninger

Heather Graninger Senior Project Architect

Bjorn Green

Bjorn Green President + CEO

Kelsey Groesbeck

Kelsey Groesbeck Mechanical Engineer

Trevor Groll

Trevor Groll Technology Designer

Marcelo Guassi

Marcelo Guassi Project Manager

Evan  Hansel

Evan Hansel Architectural Designer

Scott Harmon

Scott Harmon Senior Architectural Project Coordinator

April Harrell

April Harrell HR Specialist

Perry Hausman

Perry Hausman Manager of Mechanical Engineering

Marika Hawes-Ruhrup

Marika Hawes-Ruhrup Principal | Senior Project Manager

John A. Hawkins

John A. Hawkins Principal

Dan Heaton

Dan Heaton Specifications Specialist

Jesse Hendershot

Jesse Hendershot Mechanical Engineering Supervisor

Paul Henry

Paul Henry Senior Furniture Designer

Nicholas Hilgediek

Nicholas Hilgediek Interior Designer

Carrie A. Hoch

Carrie A. Hoch Manager of Human Resources

Brett Hodgkinson

Brett Hodgkinson Technology Designer

Kevin Hoezee

Kevin Hoezee Architectural Department Supervisor

Andrew Howard

Andrew Howard Project Manager

Matt Hull

Matt Hull Landscape Architect

Amanda Hunsucker

Amanda Hunsucker Director | Senior Interior Designer

Dan Hurn

Dan Hurn IT Support Specialist

Lydia Irving

Lydia Irving Architectural Designer

Shelbi Iseminger

Shelbi Iseminger Senior Interior Designer

Chuck Jakubs

Chuck Jakubs Technology Design Technician

Tom Jandernoa

Tom Jandernoa Landscape Designer

Craig Janetzke

Craig Janetzke Senior Project Manager

Shirley Jesse

Shirley Jesse Project Administrative Assistant

Brian  Johnson

Brian Johnson Electrical Engineering Supervisor

Eric Jones

Eric Jones Senior Electrical Engineer

Courtland Jones

Courtland Jones Commissioning Agent

Dan Karsten

Dan Karsten Mechanical Designer

Tom Kaywood

Tom Kaywood Senior Project Manager

Jim Keller

Jim Keller Architectural Project Coordinator

Rosa Kelly

Rosa Kelly Administration Specialist

Heather Kirby

Heather Kirby Director of Finance

Tom Kloosterman

Tom Kloosterman Senior Project Manager

Laura Kloosterman

Laura Kloosterman Landscape Architect

Sara Knies

Sara Knies Interior Designer

Dennis Knoff

Dennis Knoff Architectural Project Coordinator

Jacob Kolniak

Jacob Kolniak Mechanical Designer

Hal E. Kovert

Hal E. Kovert Principal

Bret Kronlein

Bret Kronlein Senior Project Manager

Ana Lapinski

Ana Lapinski Architectural Department Supervisor

Angela Lazarte

Angela Lazarte Architectural Designer

Brandon List

Brandon List Manager of Landscape Architecture + Planning

Steve Loney

Steve Loney Manager of Project Management

Chloe Lopiccolo

Chloe Lopiccolo Interior Designer

Sam Martin

Sam Martin Mechanical Designer

Ron Masek

Ron Masek Senior Landscape Architect

Karen Mattoon

Karen Mattoon Project Administrative Assistant

Kayla Mielke

Kayla Mielke Project Administrative Assistant

Douglas Milburn

Douglas Milburn Project Manager

Christy L. Miley

Christy L. Miley Office Administrator

Kurtis Minton

Kurtis Minton Structural Designer

Seth  Morrison

Seth Morrison Senior Project Architect

Sarah M. Mullin

Sarah M. Mullin Architectural Designer

Matthew Murphy

Matthew Murphy Senior Design Architect

Craig Newhouse

Craig Newhouse Landscape Architect

Edwin Ngaiza

Edwin Ngaiza Accounting Coordinator

Jason Novotny

Jason Novotny Principal | Director of Design

Patrick Noyes

Patrick Noyes Senior Architectural Project Coordinator

Alexis Orr

Alexis Orr Project Administration Supervisor

Jill Overacker

Jill Overacker Manager of Marketing + Communications

Shawn Parshall

Shawn Parshall Principal | Director of K-12 Education

Autumn Patrick

Autumn Patrick Architectural Technician

Lori Pawlias

Lori Pawlias Architectural Project Coordinator

Ken Peters

Ken Peters Project Manager

Denean Pomeroy

Denean Pomeroy Accounting Coordinator

Amy  Poncato

Amy Poncato Project Administrative Assistant

Sue Potter

Sue Potter Project Manager

Timothy Pruis

Timothy Pruis Senior Architectural Project Coordinator

Janelle Rai

Janelle Rai Structural Designer

Derek Rakis

Derek Rakis Architectural Technician

Ben Rambadt

Ben Rambadt Project Architect

Tony Reiner

Tony Reiner Senior Architectural Designer

Aaron  Riess

Aaron Riess Electrical Designer

Connie Riess

Connie Riess Accounting Coordinator

Josh Rinehart

Josh Rinehart Electrical Designer

Eric Rinehart

Eric Rinehart Manager of Technology

Cassandra Ritchie

Cassandra Ritchie Interior Designer

Keara Ritsema

Keara Ritsema Mechanical Designer

Michele Rossio

Michele Rossio Architectural Department Supervisor

Amanda Ruffing

Amanda Ruffing Structural Engineer

Zach  Runge

Zach Runge Architectural Project Coordinator

Emma Sabin

Emma Sabin Accounting Coordinator

Dan Sagash

Dan Sagash Project Coordinator

Nick Schmitt

Nick Schmitt Architectural Project Coordinator

Ryan Schwartz

Ryan Schwartz Electrical Designer

Julie Seaward

Julie Seaward Business Development Specialist

Ella  Segur

Ella Segur Senior Interior Designer

Kyle Shaver

Kyle Shaver Senior Structural Engineer

Julia  Sicoli

Julia Sicoli Mechanical Designer

Lauren Sikkema

Lauren Sikkema Marketing Coordinator

Tom Simpson

Tom Simpson Senior Project Architect

Krisna Siv

Krisna Siv Interior Designer

Matt Slagle

Matt Slagle Principal | Director of K-12 Education

Scott Smith

Scott Smith Senior Mechanical Designer

Brendan Sprite

Brendan Sprite Architectural Project Coordinator

Matthew Stetter

Matthew Stetter Mechanical Designer

Tom Sturr

Tom Sturr Senior Project Manager

Morgan Sullivan

Morgan Sullivan Mechanical Designer

Jennifer  Swan

Jennifer Swan Senior Architectural Project Coordinator

Edward Talaga

Edward Talaga Senior Project Manager

Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson Senior Project Manager

Christopher  Tindall

Christopher Tindall Mechanical Designer

Nguyen Tran

Nguyen Tran Electrical Designer

Shannon Trumley

Shannon Trumley Interior Designer

Arthur Ueck

Arthur Ueck Architectural Project Coordinator

Micki Vanderboegh

Micki Vanderboegh Administrative Coordinator

Matt VanDuinen

Matt VanDuinen Mechanical Designer

Tyler VanMeurs

Tyler VanMeurs Architectural Technician

Ryan VanOss

Ryan VanOss Electrical Designer

Yvonne VanWormer

Yvonne VanWormer Interior Design Supervisor

Evan Vorwerck

Evan Vorwerck Electrical Designer

Joel Wallace

Joel Wallace Director | Senior Project Architect

Denver Wessels

Denver Wessels Senior Mechanical Designer

Tyler Whisler

Tyler Whisler IT Support Specialist

Kyle Wilson

Kyle Wilson Director | Senior Project Architect

Nathan Withers

Nathan Withers Senior Technology Designer

Amanda Wyman

Amanda Wyman Interior Designer

Justine Zack

Justine Zack Architectural Project Coordinator

Megan Zapoli

Megan Zapoli Project Architect