Alma College

Mitchell + Newberry Halls

Alma, Michigan // 82,000 sq. ft.

Mitchell and Newberry Halls are two of the main undergraduate residence halls on the campus of Alma College. As part of Alma’s Master Plan Implementation Strategy, these 1960s buildings needed to be upgraded with new mechanical and electrical systems, improvements to the building envelope, and renovated student rooms.

In an effort to give students more privacy, the renovation included changing the shower and toilet rooms from group to single occupancy bathrooms. The new design ensured there would be 16 available showers, toilets, and sinks – as it had previously –  on each floor of the residence hall. This innovative configuration gives the College more flexibility in room assignment, as they will not have to arrange students by restroom needs. It also allows for the smooth integration of gender-neutral students into the residence halls.

Working closely with Granger Construction, TowerPinkster was able to complete this 82,000-square-foot renovation over the course of one summer with construction taking just 16 weeks. This meant that Alma College was able to welcome students for the Fall semester with an improved bathroom experience and enhanced social space for students.

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