Aquinas College

Campus Master Plan

Grand Rapids, Michigan

In 2015, TowerPinkster worked with Aquinas College, a 107-acre campus with 2,400 students, to update the school’s Campus Master Plan. The plan looked through to 2025 and included the following recommendations:

  1. Campus Signage: The master planning efforts showed that the college’s existing signage program did not adhere to its own brand standards. A new signage program was proposed which would help reinforce the brand, improve wayfinding for daily users and visitors, and highlight the botanical features on campus.
  2. Open Space and Pedestrian Trails: Aquinas College is known as a destination for students who value its forested campus setting. A foundational component of the master plan update is helping to establish which areas will be preserved as natural open space and which will be preserved as formal open spaces. The plan proposes three main arterial pedestrian paths that cross-campus and will be integrated with the wayfinding program.
  3. Aspirational Projects: The 10-year Master Plan includes a list of projects to serve as aspirational goals throughout the campus, allowing each to be developed independently as funds become available. These projects include the renovation and addition to the science center, a new chapel, a new entry sculpture, a press box, and stadium lights, and a public/private partnership with Wilcox Park.
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