Aquinas College

Albertus Magnus Hall of Science Transformation

Grand Rapids, Michigan // 85,400 sq. ft.

TowerPinkster partnered with Aquinas College to establish a new face for their science program while respecting existing campus architecture and demonstrating the College’s commitment to sustainability. The design team conducted an initial discovery stage and a facility assessment to understand the building’s current conditions, programming, and layout.

The result of the initial study and assessment revealed that the building needed to nearly double its existing size in order to meet the current and future program needs. The team created a design concept for the future of the science building, which is intended to be completed in two phases. Redeveloped areas will feature research space, classrooms, offices and collaborative student areas, and a sizable addition will house new teaching labs and a lecture hall. Academic programs including Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Nursing, and Physics will reside in the new space, as will the College’s Institute for Economicology.

The new space features technology-rich simulation labs for nursing students which will allow nursing students to practice and hone their skills. The simulation lab is comprised of three clinic rooms: adult, pediatric, and a mother/infant simulation room, connected by a common control/viewing room. Adjacent to the simulation clinics is a debriefing room equipped with the technology to replay the simulation and allow instructors and students to discuss the results.

This investment in sciences allows Aquinas College to continue offering a robust liberal arts education in the heart of West Michigan while providing its students with a 21st Century STEM learning environment.

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Meet the client! Dean of Science and Sustainability/Associate Professor of Engineering Sister Damien Marie Savino, FSE, Ph.D. talks about the use of their new Science building.

Meet the designer! Senior Architect Ryan Archer  talks about the unique design of the Albertus Magnus Hall of Science.