Ascension Borgess

On-going Engineering and Interior Design Services


TowerPinkster has been providing on-call architectural and engineering services for Ascension Michigan through Medxcel Facilities Management. Work ranges from ongoing planning, designing, and construction administration services for HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, power, lighting, and energy assessment efforts. We also provide architectural and interior design services for projects such as medical office buildings, equipment upgrades, and suite renovations. Each project begins with a discovery study and, if approved and funded, will reach the implementation stage.

Health and Fitness Center Sign

Hospital Validation

Laser Room

Mammography Renovation

6th Floor OB Department Nurse Alcove

7th Floor Renovation

A.M. Admitting Remodel

Cardiac Rehab Renovation

Chilled Water Loop

Feehan Office Electrical

Neurology Remodel

New Nurses Stations 2 West

O.B. Patient Room Alterations

OR 3 X-Ray Installation

Out-Patient Pharmacy Study

Out-Patient Facility

Pediatrics Department Remodel

Pharmacy Remodel

Surgeon and Nurse Lounge

Surgery Renovation and Remodel

Transcription Area

Urodynamics and Preop

Multi-Purpose Room Redo

North Entry

Pediatrics Patient Rooms

Psychiatric Holding Room

Endovascular ORS

Battle Creek Ambulatory Facility

Stryker Center CT Scanner Replacement

NAV/MSB Lighting Renovation

Cath Lab Planning and Conceptual Design

Cath Lab 6 Replacement

Boiler Condensate System

Lab Ceiling Replacement

Neuro Navigation Operating Rooms

Surgery Department Sterilizer Replacement

Decontamination Ceiling Replacement

Easy Street Rehabilitation

AHU Coil Replacement and Evaluation

Soiled Utility Space Pressurization Study

Cooling Tower Roof Penentration Study

Promed Pediatrics

Orthopedic Practice Relocation

PT Room Ventilation Study

2 Center Corridor and Patient Rooms

9th Floor Medical Air System Upgrade

Lee Memorial Pharmacy Hood Rooms

OR 4 Air Balance Analysis

Emergency Power Assessment

Surgical Storage Room

Substation Replacement

OR 3 Air Balance Analysis

9th Floor Hot Water System Upgrade

Mattawan Medical Office Building

Core Lab Analyzers Equipment Replacement

OR Floor Rebalance

Lee Memorial Curtainwall Replacement

Fire Pump Replacement

Floor 2, 3, and 8 Move Study

Lee Memorial X-Ray Room

Woodbridge X-Ray Rooms

3rd Floor Dialysis

Automatic Transfer Switch Replacement

Circuit Breaker Replacement

Parking Deck

3rd Floor Emergency Power Upgrade

8th Floor Emergency Power Upgrade

Boiler 3 Study

Dialysis Water Treatment

Critical Air Handling Unit Replacement

Woodbridge Boiler Study

Lee Memorial Sleep Study Room

CardioVascular Lab 1 + 2

Radiology Room Equipment Replacement

Kitchen Ceiling Replacement

X-Ray Room 3 + 4 Replacements

1 North Ceiling Replacement

Entryway Refresh

Emergency Department Entry Facade Renovation

Family Medicine Clinical Light

Woodbridge Suite 8 Hand Wash Sinks

Hyperbaric Wound Clinic

Deaerator Replacement

ER Corridor Flooring Replacement

Pulmonary + Sleep Medicine Discovery

3 East Interior Renovation

Emergency Department Renovation Study

Nuclear Camera Replacement

Mammography Equipment Replacement

Borgess Room Renovations 0239
Borgess CVL 4