Barry County

Facilities Master Plan

Hastings, Michigan

The Strategic Plans in place by Barry County aim to make services safer and more accessible to residents, users, and County workers in the existing facilities. The County was in need of a Facilities Master Plan that reflects such initiatives while maximizing the use of existing buildings and respecting the historic nature of the existing facilities. TowerPinkster conducted in-depth facility assessments and met with various stakeholders and community leaders to gain an understanding of the opportunities and challenges of the existing facilities. The following initiatives were developed and recommended:

Improvements in Circuit Court Building – Holding and Security Screening

  • The existing holding area in the Circuit Court building was renovated approximately 25 years ago; however, it still lacked holding areas for male and female inmates. There was also a location within the building where the Judge and person-in-custody must share the same path of travel. Recommendations resolved these safety and security issues.

Renovate the Community Room Building (Hastings Library) for MSU Extension, Community Room, and County Information Technology Division

  • Recommendations included moving the MSU Extension programs out of the Courts and Law Building, and into the historic Hastings Library building which was vacant. The relocation would maximize the cost-effective use of facilities and improve safety and security.

Addition and Renovation to the Animal Shelter

  • The existing facility presented challenges in safely handling incoming animals as well as caring for those currently housed. A small addition was recommended which would alleviate stressed areas, and allow adoptable cats to be in a more pleasant environment.

New Sheriff’s Department and Jail

  • The existing Sheriff’s Department and Jail were not adequate for their current use as the building was originally designed as a holding facility. Recommendations solved safety and security challenges.

Construct New Commission on Aging Building

  • The existing building was originally designed for a different purpose. Over time, additions and renovations had been made; however, due to building deficiencies, it was recommended that a new facility be constructed. The new 20,000 SF building would be on a single-story, a better fit for the neighborhood site, and incorporate Universal Design principles.

Court Consolidation at Courts and Law Building

  • To provide a maximum level of safety and security, as well as providing all County Court functions under one roof, a two-story addition, with a lower level secured parking area was recommended.
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