Boatyard Brewing Company

Boatyard Brewing Company New Brewery + Taproom

Kalamazoo, Michigan // Brewing Operations - 4,500 sq. ft. // Tap Room - 1,500 sq. ft.

Boatyard Brewing Company approached TowerPinkster with an immediate need to design and submit plans to the City of Kalamazoo for their new facility on Patterson Avenue. The original building was used as the Standard Oil Company Depot until the 1950s and more recently, as the location of the Smart Shop Metal Arts Center. Design challenges included the conversion of an industrial facility intended only for employee occupancy into a code-compliant public facility. –
An aggressive timeline required that TowerPinkster work efficiently to define the various uses in the facility conversion and develop a satisfactory code plan for the City of Kalamazoo Building Department. To achieve preliminary design approval, TowerPinkster developed a schematic floor plan showing the various uses, occupancies, barrier-free access, and exiting. The building’s multiple functions, including factory, business, storage, and assembly, required firewall separation.
Occupancy counts and egress paths were defined, and plumbing fixture counts were provided to meet code requirements. The building is also now current with today’s barrier-free accessibility codes. With a collaborative approach to design and code compliance, TowerPinkster was able to provide Boatyard Brewing with the quick response that they needed to open their new brewery and tap room.
Interior design was provided by Boatyard Brewing.