Bronson Healthcare Group

Cancer Care Center Expansion

Battle Creek, Michigan // 9,000 sq. ft.

With the growing demand for cancer treatment, Bronson Battle Creek did not have adequate facilities to serve patients requiring treatment. This resulted in many patients traveling to outlying communities to receive treatment. Most treatments for cancer are performed on an outpatient basis; however patients can be sitting for long periods, so patient comfort is a high priority.

TowerPinkster proposed a two-phase approach to develop and execute the project. The first phase consisted of a new P.E.T. dock and a simulator room. The second phase consisted of a new image and identity for the Cancer Center through the creation of a new front door and a visual queue of the campus. A major lobby renovation was designed to provide an open and comfortable area to welcome patients and visitors.

The addition created new, open daylighted space for oncology patient treatment chairs as well as expanded space for administrative offices and staff functions. This expansion helped improve efficiency and create a lasting, nurturing identity for the Cancer Center.

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