Bronson Battle Creek

Urgent Care Center

Battle Creek, Michigan // 4,200 sq. ft.

Client Challenge

Addressing the need for Urgent Care in the area, Bronson Battle Creek planned to open a new Ambulatory Center off-site of the main hospital campus. A project location was selected which required the renovation of an existing, unfinished retail building to be transformed into a welcoming environment focused on patient comfort.

TowerPinkster Solution

TowerPinkster designed a facility that welcomes patients upon entry into a warm and comfortable environment. The overall space is arranged with a coffee and refreshment station, private waiting rooms and kids’ play area – all filled with an abundant amount of natural daylight. TowerPinkster also focused on furniture and finishes to help foster an atmosphere of patient service and comfort. Exam rooms open into a large nurse area, allowing for staff to supervise all available rooms. This access allows clinical staff to address patient needs more efficiently than in a traditional urgent care setting. In addition, the visibility of clinicians also eases patients and families. This award-winning design has brought a new meaning to urgent care and healthcare facilities to the Southwest Michigan area.

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