BriovaRX Industrial Building

Jeffersonville, Indiana // 106,268 sq. ft.

TowerPinkster built a new warehouse for Catamaran Briova in the River Ridge Business Park. The over 100,000SF space provides loading/docking bay areas, a large pharmacy space and distribution center for pharmaceutical products, as well as around 60,000SF of office space. The office areas are split between the first floor and the mezzanine. They include individual workstations, private offices, hoteling stations, and conference rooms. The second-floor conference room and offices have large window areas that overlook the production space. The entrance spans 2-stories with a glass curtain wall, providing an open, daylit reception area with security. There is a large, modern, open breakroom and kitchen area nearby that can accommodate 225 people. 

Half Width 3 62
Half Width 45
Half Width 4 46
Half Width 5 35
extra 2
extra 3
Half Width 9 10
Half Width 10 1