Coldwater Community Schools

4/5th Elementary

Coldwater, Michigan


This growing school district was in need of a new home for elementary students. The new site design will complement the educational opportunities provided within the building. Multiple locations for interior and exterior connection will be provided so that classroom learning can be extended out into the site. The overall site of 12 acres is strategically placed with many use zones.


Safety is a focus that was addressed by properly placing pedestrian pathways throughout the bus and car traffic. Visitor and parent access occurs from the southeast corner of the site with an extended parent drop off provided along the east side of the site to prevent traffic congestion and potential safety problems. A new raised cross-walk is proposed as well. The new bus loop will accommodate 14 buses and provide access for service vehicles. The playground areas are located to the west and are protected from the busy road nearby.

Project Images Half Width Elementary
Project Images Half Width 3 Elementary
Project Images Full Width Elementary