Corewell Health Medical Group Butterworth Campus

Maternal Fetal Medicine

Grand Rapids, Michigan // 11,100 sq. ft.

As Corewell Health was implementing its plan to update and consolidate services, as well as expand its women’s health and children’s programs, the Maternal-Fetal Medicine clinic was being relocated to the Michigan Street Development in Tower 25. Our challenge was to provide a design that would meet the new Corewell Health initiative to provide flexibility with the staff and scheduling of patients.

TowerPinkster’s solution was innovative and new compared to a traditional clinic layout and design. With the exam rooms grouped in the center of the clinic space and a staff work avenue along the perimeter, doctors and nurses had better access from the work area to exams and were able to schedule exams with more flexibility to meet patient demand. The plan allowed for soft spaces to be converted to additional exam rooms as physicians were added to the practice. All of the new exam rooms are equipped for a live feed of the ultrasound back to a central monitoring room where the physicians can observe more than one patient at a time as the ultrasound technicians complete their tasks. Each exam room also has its own private toilet to provide necessary convenience and privacy to the patient during their exam.

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