Jenison Public Schools

Early Childhood Center and Spanish Immersion Program

Jenison, Michigan // 85,000 sq. ft.

Client Challenge

Located in a high-density neighborhood, the current Early Childhood Center provides busing, drop-off, and safety challenges for the program. The program was at capacity and could not be accommodated on the previous site. The Jenison Public Schools Spanish Immersion Program was spread out across the district, which was detrimental to the program’s cohesiveness.

TowerPinkster Solution

The new building houses both the Early Childhood Center and the Spanish Immersion program and offers both room for growth. The programming of the space was done in collaboration with the staff and community to form a result that will meet the community’s long-term needs.

The space offers flexible learning environments to accommodate diverse learning styles and methods. The layout eases wayfinding in the younger demographic and promotes collaboration in the Spanish Immersion Program.

The site supports the necessary infrastructure for both programs. This includes controllable egress points to optimize student safety and security.

The building encourages students to learn about health and nutrition in both programs. The site offers students space to grow their own food, which can be prepared by the in-house chef, along with multiple modern, sustainable building elements.

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