Emmett Charter Township

Public Safety Facilities

Battle Creek, Michigan // 20,000 sq. ft.

To create space for the expanding administration, law enforcement, and fire departments, Emmett Charter Township turned to TowerPinkster to develop design concepts for a new Public Safety headquarters and satellite facility. After examining the various expansion and renovation options of the existing facility, the Township concluded that the long-term needs of the Public Safety department would be best achieved through the design of two new facilities. As part of this effort, the Township requested an order-of-magnitude cost estimate to be prepared for each facility.

To kick off the project, the Township assembled an Internal Team (IPT) consisting of administration, law enforcement, and fire personnel to maintain full engagement in the planning process. After undertaking a space-needs assessment, a logical program was crafted for each facility based on current demands and the future growth of the community over the next 30 years. TowerPinkster then designed conceptual floor plans and three-dimensional building models for each facility.

The Township’s vision strived for strong civic buildings that exemplified the permanence of the Public Safety Department while portraying good stewardship of taxpayer dollars. The final design consists of sustainable, long-lasting and cost-effective materials. The use of daylighting and efficient mechanical and electrical systems also contribute to making the design energy efficient.

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