Fabri-Kal Corporation

Manchester Facility Renovations

Kalamazoo, Michigan // 8,000 sq. ft.

As employees expect more from their workplace experiences, Fabri-Kal desired to improve the look and feel of their existing employee break areas. In addition to their existing break room, the space included the employee entry corridor, maintenance offices and vacant first floor office space in the plant at their Manchester facility. Our TowerPinkster team was enlisted to create a more inviting and pleasant experience for employees as they begin and end their work day.

Our design team quickly developed three concept layouts that explored the space, location and department relationship of the various spaces affected. From there, Fabri-Kal was provided images and layouts of precedented employee break areas to assist them in identifying the change in environment and culture that they were seeking.

Over the course of three meetings with the client, our team developed an approach for the redevelopment of these areas which was eventually implemented. The new space features a renovated café area with an updated market and space for gathering. With modern aesthetics and a calming color palette, the lunch room is now the perfect space to unwind between shifts. A maintenance office was reimagined a multi-purpose room that functions as both a game room and space for team training when needed, while vacant offices were converted to a small gym. These additional amenities round out the employee break area and enhance the overall experience for the Fabri-Kal team.

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