Family Health Center, Inc.

Paterson Clinic Expansion and Renovation

Kalamazoo, Michigan // 41,400 sq. ft.

Client Challenge

With more than 65,000 Kalamazoo County residents either uninsured or underinsured, affordable and high-quality primary health care services are in high demand. Family Health Center, Inc. (FHC) responds to the unmet needs of this population, but after serving 15,000 residents in one year, it was clear that more space, an improved working environment and streamlined methods of care could enhance the patient experience.

TowerPinkster Solution

As the only Federally Qualified Health Center in Kalamazoo County, FHC is committed to “providing excellent health care to anyone who walks through the door, regardless of their income or insurance benefits”. In an effort to improve and expand services, FHC partnered with the Kalamazoo Center for Medical Studies to create an innovative residency program. The expansion includes 16 new physicians and 3 preceptors to provide services to an additional 256 patients per day. The expansion also features 6 new and 2 renovated medical pods with new exam rooms, flexible space with offices and nursing stations, a new entry canopy, reception area, centrally located administration offices, an enlarged receiving area, and residency classrooms. The pod layout simplifies wayfinding and keep patient travel distances to a minimum and is reinforced by daylighting strategies and architectural elements.

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