Gerald R. Ford International Airport

Gerald R. Ford International Airport Remote Utilities Plant

Grand Rapids, Michigan

With the ongoing expansion of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, the existing mechanical and electrical utilities were approaching their capacity limits, and many pieces of equipment had reached the end of their life cycle. Due to limited space and the requirements of concourse additions and expansions, additional utility support was necessary. TowerPinkster collaborated with the airport to devise a phased plan for constructing a new facility dedicated to housing the mechanical and electrical equipment essential for supporting the entire airport.

The newly constructed Central Utility Plant now accommodates new cooling towers, boilers, chillers, water treatment systems, and the energy recovery system. The project was executed in a manner that ensured no disruption to the airport’s mechanical and electrical supply.

The upcoming phase of the project involves the construction of a generator building to enhance and expand the electrical support capabilities for the airport.

GRR Half 1
GRR Half 2
GRR Full
GRR Half 3
GRR Half 4