Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools

Immaculate Conception Elementary School

Traverse City, Michigan // 70,000 sq. ft.

Client Challenge

The aging school facility was in disrepair after multiple renovations and in need of replacement.

TowerPinkster Solution

TowerPinkster, in collaboration with Architectural Technology, is currently designing the new elementary school which will replace the previous facility built in 1904. The new 70,000 square foot, two-story facility will be located on the existing site and will respect the historic nature of the original building and surrounding neighborhood. The first floor (42,000 SF) will contain Pre-K through 1st grade classrooms, main office, cafeteria/kitchen, gymnasium, special education, and band room. The second floor (28,000 SF) will contain 2nd grade through 5th grade classrooms, a chapel, offices, special education, small group instruction spaces, library, art and mechanical/electrical rooms.

All teaching spaces will be designed for flexibility so they can support program/curriculum requirements in the future. Teaching spaces will include natural daylight, excellent ventilation with operable windows, maximum storage potential, age-appropriate furniture and fixtures, plentiful display opportunities, and finishes designed for durability, function, and sustainability.

Project Images Half Width ICE
Project Images Half Width 2 ICE