Greenleaf Trust

Greenleaf Trust Traverse City

Traverse City, Michigan

The Old City Hall building has been a cherished piece of the Traverse City community since 1904. According to the Traverse Area Historical Society, it served as the city’s post office until 1939 before it housed City Hall. Through modern architectural products and construction methods, the 117-year-old building has been made energy efficient, with sustainable design and features including:

– Bipolar ionization systems integrated within the air handling system to eliminate nearly all airborne impurities, including the virus that causes COVID-19.

– LED light fixtures with sophisticated programming to minimize energy use

– Skylights to allow for natural light and interior transoms to disperse as much light as possible, marking the first time the building’s skylights have been uncovered in nearly 60 years – A radiant snow melt system in the public right-of-way and parking area for to minimize salt entering the groundwater.

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