Hastings Mutual Insurance Company

Hastings Mutual Insurance Company Headquarters Renovation

Hastings, Michigan // 153,000 sq. ft.

Hastings Mutual Insurance Company worked with an internal team and TowerPinkster to undertake a facility planning process to develop the vision and next generation for their current facility. The building has been built in three phases over time in the 1960s, 1980s, and 1990s, and needed a definition for its succeeding plan.
The resulting facility plan encapsulated target goals for the future of the MIC facility. These included:
• Utilizing Existing Capacity: With modifications to workstation sizes, consolidation of unused space, and department relocation, we found there was adequate growth capacity within the current facility.
• Continued Facility Improvements: The production workstations did not support the culture or innovative nature of HMIC. Investments were made for more efficient workstations that now
better serve employees and promote collaboration.
• Potential Facility Expansion: There is space available to the north of the property for future building expansion and to the east for parking expansion. The team concluded that a holistic vision for the entire renovation needs to be created. There are currently four phases planned, with construction set to wrap
on Phase 2 towards the middle of August and Phase 3 will begin construction after that. Completion of Phase 3 is currently scheduled for May of 2021.

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