Jackson College

Central Campus Mall Transformation

Jackson, Michigan // 5.1 acres sq. ft.

Client Challenge and TowerPinkster Solution

Jackson College’s Central Campus is located in a rural area six miles south of the City of Jackson. The College has four additional satellite locations to accommodate various degree programs. Lacking connectivity amongst the 14 buildings at its Central Campus, the College determined that a fresh site design would create an improved and inviting space for student activity, collaboration, display, and pedestrian circulation.

TowerPinkster is currently working with the College to create a plan for redeveloping its Central Campus Mall: a 5.1-acre green space spanning between five of the most centrally located buildings. The site has some challenging grade issues, inadequate walking paths, and sparse vegetation, making student gathering in the area less than desirable. A preliminary site master plan concept was developed with the following improvements:

  • Relocate the iconic clock tower to a more prominent, visible location. The clock tower will be surrounded by an accessible water feature at its base, a circular, open, and specially-paved plaza offering shade and seating, and a rain garden to the north.
  • Create an open-air pavilion west of the clock tower, serving as an area for small concerts, presentations, and other outdoor events.
  • Create a great lawn area to the east by flattening the existing topography, and planting large shade trees on the perimeter. This enhanced and multi-purpose green space will be surrounded by short retaining walls which will double as seating.
  • Add new sculpture display spaces and relocate existing art and monuments to create additional interest and focal points around the Central Mall.
  • Create new tree-lined pathways between buildings with complimentary green space elements to encourage user connectivity with improved wayfinding.
  • Renovate and update the campus’ existing building courtyard areas to blend with the new campus improvements.

The master plan concept was recently finalized, and the project is now in Schematic Design. Improvements are intended to be implemented in two phases.

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