Greenleaf Hospitality Group

K-Wings Locker Rooms Renovations

Kalamazoo, Michigan // 6,000 sq. ft.

Client Challenge & TowerPinkster Solution

Greenleaf Hospitality Group desired to update and upgrade the amenities for the professional hockey players on the Kalamazoo Wings team, as well as HVAC improvements throughout the building. TowerPinkster collaborated with the team coach and other representatives from Greenleaf Hospitality in order to design and renovate the existing 6,000 square foot locker room in order to create a first-class locker room and training rooms for the team. The renovation included an updated locker room, shower, and hot-tub and ice-tub areas, as well as a weight room, kitchenette, and trainer’s room. The new space showcases conference championships, legacy jerseys, and custom team graphics. This updated facility provides all of the amenities of a professional hockey team and creates an inviting space for players to train, prepare and recover from the rigors of their sport.

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