Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Food Innovation Building

Kalamazoo, Michigan // 16,500 sq. ft.

Client Challenge

Kalamazoo Valley Community College (KVCC) had the vision to add new facilities to support its Culinary Arts and Allied Health Programs. One of three buildings within the new Bronson Healthy Living Campus development in downtown Kalamazoo, the new Food Innovation Building responds to the rising trend of simulation within the academic environment and promotes wellness while increasing community access to healthy food and nutrition.

TowerPinkster Solution

Kalamazoo Valley Community College’s Food Innovation Building is designed to contain four major program elements: food education areas, flexible indoor growing space, food safety, and processing areas, and outdoor growing areas. The indoor growing spaces allow students to explore new trends in how to grow food indoors within an urban environment. Hydroponics and aquaponics are examples of emerging trends that will be researched in this space. The outdoor production space allows hands-on greenhouse growing as well as further research into the relationship between food and nutrients. Finally, the education piece allows for engagement and outreach to bring cutting-edge research to the students and community. The sustainable aspects of the educational programs are also carried into the building systems as well, featuring a green roof area and geothermal heating and cooling system.

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