Kalkaska Memorial Health Center

Outpatient Facility Additions and Renovations

Kalkaska, Michigan // 42,500 sq. ft.

Client Challenge

Kalkaska Memorial Health Center (KMHC) was in need of additions and renovations to improve their current outpatient facility. Wayfinding has been a challenge as well as a disconnect between patient services.

TowerPinkster Solution

The new two-story addition and renovations to the KMHC facility combines a larger radiology department into one suite. The design creates a large physicians clinic with exam rooms on both sides of the suite and a central service core. This allows the clinic to be utilized by multiple physicians throughout a given week, providing access to various specialized services for patients in area communities.

The new basement level features a modern, cardio-rehabilitation unit designed with a walking track, space for 40 pieces of rehabilitation equipment, locker rooms, and a juice bar. The second floor becomes a surgery suite with exam and prep rooms, operating rooms, sterile processing, and all support spaces related to a surgery suite.

The new addition also features a central core hallway with a high volume space illuminated by a skylight. This hallway extends into the existing main entrance of the facility to improve wayfinding.

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