Kellogg Community College

Lane Thomas Building Additions and Renovations

Battle Creek, Michigan // 29,726 sq. ft.

Kellogg Community College’s original industrial art building was housed in the Lane Thomas Building which had many uses over the years with minimal upgrades. The building did not meet the requirements for the programs currently housed in the building (EMS, Criminal Justice, and the Facilities Department).

The expansion and renovation of the Lane Thomas Building anchor the south end of the Kellogg Community College campus. The addition of a glass and brick vertical circulation allows students to access the enclosed walkway (which was designed by TowerPinkster) that links a majority of the buildings on campus, with minimal exposure to the elements.

The college bookstore was relocated to the lower level of the building, adjacent to a large parking area to allow easy access for students on this commuter campus. The EMS department is located on a portion of the first floor and the entire second floor. The EMS program consists of simulation labs, including a functioning ambulance, a simulated residential area, an emergency room, spaces for vehicular extraction, offices, and large classrooms for multi-uses. The third floor houses the Criminal Justice Program offices and classrooms and the Kellogg Community College Facilities Department.

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