Kelloggsville Public Schools

High School Renovation

Grand Rapids, Michigan // 185,616 sq. ft.

Client Challenge

A bond was passed in 2015 that focused on school security, technology upgrades, roofing, heating, and energy efficiency. In order to give Kelloggsville students all available opportunities to prepare them for their futures, the high school space needed to be renovated to accommodate the competitive nature of today’s learning environment. This development included adding a gymnasium, track, and media center on an extremely restricted site, while completely updating the rest of the school to meet modern learning standards.

TowerPinkster Solution

The addition and renovation to the high school were focused on updating the school to a 21st-century learning environment. Seating in the auditorium is being renovated and more seating options are being added. Safety and security updates to the site, including expanded parking options and a more strategic parking layouts were implemented. The interior furnishings were updated to that of a modern educational facility. Similarly, upgrades to teaching equipment in new classrooms will engage students and teachers.

The new media center will feature flexible seating areas for project-based learning, updated technology, and a partnership with Kent District Library. The gymnasium features a collegiate-style vomitory entrance to a competition court, halo an upper track.

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