Kent County

Fuller Complex Master Plan

Grand Rapids, Michigan

To continue to understand and enhance the public access to services, Kent County desired to update the Fuller Complex Master Plan to guide future projects. Their intent was to update their 2004 Master Plan to guide and frame the potential physical enhancements to the complex including future facilities, complex gateways, public access, parking capacity, site amenities, and other elements that may be identified during the planning process.

TowerPinkster worked closely with stakeholders from multiple departments to ensure the development of informed recommendations for the future of the campus. The Master Plan update looks out ten years. This time frame keeps the planning team focused on achievable concepts while not creating constraints on long-term growth. Several projects have been instituted since the 2004 Master Plan, and the updated Master Plan addressed future changes to network180, Spectrum Health, and the State Police Forensic Lab as well as future improvements to Kent County services on the Fuller Campus.

Several major needs were described by the various stakeholder groups; the proposed Master Plan was developed to respond to these needs. Many of these desires reinforce a series of common themes that the Master Plan incorporates:

  1. Improve pedestrian access and safety
  2. Increased parking access and capacity
  3. Designate long-term development sites
  4. Develop Branding, and Campus Standards / Efficiencies

TowerPinkster’s final master plan document proposed a series of concepts to provide additional organization to the campus.

(left: existing campus, right: proposed campus plan)

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