Lake Superior State University

Campus Master Plan

Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

Client Challenge

Established in 1946 to address the needs of returning World War II veterans and to provide educational opportunities to the people of Eastern Upper Peninsula, Lake Superior State University still embodies the essence of earlier times. In an effort to stay abreast of 21st century landscape of higher education, TowerPinkster conducted a Campus Master Plan focusing on the current trajectory of LSSU and moving into the 21st century while paying respect to the campus’ historic background.

TowerPinkster Solution

TowerPinkster gathered and analyzed data from staff, faculty and students in order to determine the needs of the college campus facilities and gauge further initiatives. Our team came to understand the three themes that would be central to their growth and development over the span of the next 20 years. The first theme was Community: creating a welcoming campus, enhancing residential life options, and acknowledging the history/culture of the campus. Secondly, improving the campus organization: efficiently utilizing campus buildings and spaces, way-finding, and creating campus zones. Lastly, enhancing student life by promoting learning and living spaces. The master plan highlights and illustrates the strengths and potential of LSSU’s future while allowing for flexibility for the unknown opportunities that await the university.

(Images below: Left, before; right, after)

HigherEd LSSU Master Plan2 e1541619391462
HigherEd LSSU Master Plan1 e1541619403977