Looking Glass Regional Fire Authority

New Fire Station

Grand Ledge, Michigan // 9,144 sq. ft.

This fire station was the first facility for the newly formed Looking Glass Regional Fire Authority near Grand Ledge, Michigan. Eagle and Watertown Townships had previously been purchasing fire department services from neighboring municipalities to respond to fire emergencies. Recognizing the local growth, Eagle and Watertown joined together to form the Looking Glass Regional Fire Authority for the purpose of supplying their own emergency response services to their citizens.

TowerPinkster was hired to program and design their first fire station on the property near the intersection of I-96 and West Grand River Avenue. TowerPinkster created a program that called for a state-of-the-art apparatus bay (three bays), sleeping space for male and female firefighters, an exercise area, a kitchen, a dining area, a day room, and a multi-use conference area (available for after-hours use by the local community).

TowerPinkster developed sketches and plan studies fulfilling the program requirements. The team then reviewed the program and developed a budget analysis. They identified a misalignment of the program and the budget, enabling the Fire Authority to choose either program reduction to meet the budget or additional funds to meet program requirements. The Fire Authority selected to add funds to be able to fulfill the program goals. When the bidding was completed, the successful bid was within 1.5% of TowerPinkster’s projected budget target.

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