Mitchell Community Schools

Mitchell High School

Mitchell, Indiana // 132,495 sq. ft.

The existing facility consisted of the original 1963 building and a 1980 gymnasium addition. The two components differed significantly in architectural design and quality of appearance. A prime objective was to update both sections and blend them into a cohesive theme.

To unify the building exterior, all exterior doors and curtainwall window systems were replaced. New canopies, masonry columns of brick and limestone, signage, and landscaping all work together in developing a fresh and cohesive appearance. The main parking area for students was redesigned with a new boulevard entrance drive and landscape planters.

Interior renovations included abatement of asbestos materials, new floor and ceiling finish, new casework, and door/hardware replacement. The project also addresses building infrastructure. The HVAC and electrical systems were replaced to provide an air-conditioned building and improve energy efficiency. New fire-sprinkler and alarm systems also were included.

Full Width 2 13
Full Width 20
Half Width 2 30
Half Width 31