Munson Manistee Healthcare

Campus Master Plan

Manistee, Michigan // 240,000 sq. ft.

Munson Healthcare desired to complete a facility evaluation/assessment of Munson Manistee (formerly West Shore Medical Center) and adjacent medical facilities on the campus in due diligence prior to purchasing the facilities.

Our team analyzed and assessed the hospital and adjacent buildings by utilizing existing drawings, facility walkthroughs, interviews with staff, and reviews of other pertinent information. These were used to provide Munson Healthcare with a realistic assessment of the existing properties and document the findings of the assessment process. We also identified immediate items that required prompt attention to assist Munson Healthcare and its leadership team to understand the total cost of the items at these facilities. The report was divided into sections covering the condition assessment, analysis, and budgeting. The conditions assessment covered the site, building, engineering, interiors, utilities, etc. The analysis section summarized the assessment, highlighted major issues, and provided overall commentary for each facility. The budget section itemized the highlighted items and attached budget numbers suitable for high-level capital planning. The result was an in-depth quantitative assessment that provided Munson with the information they needed in order to accurately understand their campus and create priorities for the future.