Munson Mansitee Healthcare

Campus Master Plan

Manistee, Michigan // 240,000 sq. ft.

Client Challenge

The project intended to create a 10-year master plan vision for the future expansion and enhancement of the current facilities on the Munson Manistee Campus in order to improve the patient experience and enhance its service lines and patient care. With the change from a critical access hospital designation, Munson Manistee had a unique opportunity to focus on services that best position the organization as the first choice when it comes to delivering health care in the community. The TowerPinkster team developed the future master plan and achieved the goals desired by Munson Manistee, including providing solutions to respond to the increased demands from the Manistee community and creating a long-term solution to serve the community for years to come.

TowerPinkster Solution

To create a master plan that increased functionality and prepared Munson Manistee for the future, TowerPinkster partnered with programming and process improvement health care consulting firm, Blue Cottage Consulting (BCC). Together with the Executive team and key stakeholders of Munson Manistee, the TowerPinkster|BCC team facilitate the master planning process. This included an interactive strategic planning session to identify the primary goals for the future of Munson Manistee as the principal provider of health care in the community. The result is a Master Plan that achieves the goals outlined by Munson Manistee and the vision to provide a unique and welcoming patient experience and enhanced patient services and care. The components of the Master Plan include:

  • A new state-of-the-art Medical Office Building for expanded and new clinical services
  • An extended and renovated Emergency Department to improve patient care and meet the growing demands within the community
  • A new Main Entry and Lobby to welcome patients and visitors and strengthen wayfinding throughout the Hospital
  • Overall Campus Improvements such as additional parking, improved circulation, and an upgraded “first impression” at the entry to the campus

The 2015 Campus Master Plan for Munson Manistee focuses on patient-centered care and the overall patient and visitor experience while defining the vision for the future evolution of the campus and its care community.